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The indefatigable Christiana Ellis has wrapped her latest podcast project. Space Casey is a hilarious full cast podcast audio drama about a canny interstellar grifter, played by Christiana herself. Christiana insists that this project was more difficult to produce than her full-length podcast novel Nina Kimberly The Merciless. But whatever Christiana touches, it always sounds effortless. Check out Space Casey if you already haven’t.

Space Casey audio drama Space Casey
By Christiana Ellis; Performed by a full cast
10 Episode Podcast Series – Approx. 4 Hours [AUDIO DRAMA]
Podcast: November 2007 – February 2008
Some heroines will steal your heart… This one will steal your wallet.”

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Or download the shows direct:

Promo |MP3|
Episode 01 |MP3| Episode 02 |MP3| Episode 03 |MP3|
Episode 04 |MP3| Episode 05 |MP3| Episode 06 |MP3|
Episode 07 |MP3| Episode 08 |MP3| Episode 09 |MP3|
Episode 10 |MP3|

Also, the PodioMedia Chat podcast talked to Christiana Ellis recently about the show, have a listen |MP3|.

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