Special Guest-voice on Upcoming 7th Son Chapter

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7th Son Book TwoI just received word from author J.C. Hutchins that coming up on the November 14th chapter of 7th Son Book 2: Deceit, there will be a voice to make every Browncoat on the planet go weak in the knees (and that includes male Browncoats!). Actor Nathan Fillion! For the five or so people who may not know yet, Nathan Fillion is best known for his role as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the short-lived Firefly television series, and Serenity movie.

“It’s an absolute honor to have Nathan on the podcast,” Hutchins said. “Folks best know him as a well-grounded hero in a science-fiction epic. 7th Son — a reality-driven sci-fi thriller — is a good fit for his cameo. The current listenership of 7th Son will love his ‘previously on’ reading … but this provides a terrific reason for new listeners to hop aboard.”

Well, you know that this Browncoat AND 7th Son fan will be all ears…

You can grab the feed for the 7th Son Novel with this link:


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