Author for Variant Frequencies Podcast Lands Screenplay Deal

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Podcast - Variant FrequenciesMatt Wallace, Parsec-Award winning author for the Variant Frequencies podcast, had some bragging to do on MySpace:

I can safely announce that one of my stories, which originally appeared on the Variant Frequencies podcast, has been optioned by an Australian producer. What’s more, I’ve signed on to adapt it into a feature-length screenplay myself for his production company.”


This is a huge gig for me, creatively and professionally. It’s hardly a million dollar studio deal, but it’s certainly 300 times more than I’ve been paid for any of my other stuff. And it’s a shot, however slim, to break into an industry I honestly never thought I’d have access to. I have no idea if the thing will ever sell, much less be made into an actual movie; I’m dealing with an independent producer here. But so far he’s delivered on everything he said he would. If he can deliver the contacts, who knows? The one thing I do know about Australian filmmakers is that they’re resourceful bastards.”

Congratulations Matt!

Check out more of Matt’s stories in the Failed Cities Monologues, which can be found on

Another Editor Comes Forth…

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Society of Audio AddictsYou know, when you admit you have an addiction, in a normal universe it means you can start to take the steps to beat it. I’m finding an audio addiction works a little differently in my universe. It all began with a simple blog yammering on about what I love- audio cinema. Now it covers not only audio cinema, but podcasting, as well as audio hardware and software. Before you can say “psy-jack”, I’m contributing to my absolute favorite audio cinema show Sonic Society with a podcast review, writing stories for Podcast Pickle News, and even contributing on SFFaudio now and then with a review. All of this in addition to my very own podcast, Truth Seekers. So when Jesse approached me about becoming a contributing editor, I fell off my chair, half-laughing hysterically, half-crying.
I’m sure you will understand that I read with great glee Rick’s introduction as a contributing editor, thinking to myself, “Ha-ha! He found another sucker! I’m off the hook!”

Then I got the flowers. And the chocolate. And the big-ass star on my door.

In all seriousness, I’m honored and very excited to be a member of such a great team, and a truly outstanding website. I hope that as a fellow contributing editor I continue to do y’all proud! Please feel free to send any science-fiction or fantasy audio and suggestions my way at [email protected]. This is an addiction I’d rather continue to feed than conquer.

Okay, okay… honestly? It only took chocolate. However, that star looks really nice on my door…

Special Guest-voice on Upcoming 7th Son Chapter

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7th Son Book TwoI just received word from author J.C. Hutchins that coming up on the November 14th chapter of 7th Son Book 2: Deceit, there will be a voice to make every Browncoat on the planet go weak in the knees (and that includes male Browncoats!). Actor Nathan Fillion! For the five or so people who may not know yet, Nathan Fillion is best known for his role as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the short-lived Firefly television series, and Serenity movie.

“It’s an absolute honor to have Nathan on the podcast,” Hutchins said. “Folks best know him as a well-grounded hero in a science-fiction epic. 7th Son — a reality-driven sci-fi thriller — is a good fit for his cameo. The current listenership of 7th Son will love his ‘previously on’ reading … but this provides a terrific reason for new listeners to hop aboard.”

Well, you know that this Browncoat AND 7th Son fan will be all ears…

You can grab the feed for the 7th Son Novel with this link:

Mur Lafferty Interviewed on The Small World Podcast

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Small World Podcast

The Small World Podcast’s latest interview is with none other than Mur Lafferty. Well into the Halloween spirit, host Bazooka Joe talks with Mur about the horror-podcast magazine Pseudopod, as well as many other haunting topics. (All right they aren’t really all that haunting. I was just sticking to a theme.)

Subscribe to Small World’s Feed with this link:

Direct link to the interview here.

Launch Party for 7th Son, Book Two

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7th SonThis just in from the Master of all things cloned, J.C. Hutchins:

Find the world of 7th Son … in-world

Six months ago, the 7th Son sci-fi podiobook trilogy began: Seven clones were ripped away from their “normal” lives to hunt a ruthless criminal — the man they were cloned from, the man who masterminded the assassination of the President … John Alpha.

Listeners met John, Father Thomas, Kilroy 2.0, Michael and the other Beta clones. They watched the conspiracy of John Alpha emerge. It was all a story, it wasn’t real.

But for one night … it will be.

On Saturday, Sept. 23, 7th Son fans can become a part of podcast history. They’ll enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of 7th Son, Book Two: Deceit. It’s the first-ever launch party for a podcast novel in the online community Second Life, and everyone’s invited. Folks can meet author J.C. Hutchins in-world, and listen to interviews about Book Two they won’t find anywhere else. Listeners will learn about the upcoming novel, and get hints of the plot twists to come. They’ll even get to hear the first chapter of Deceit days before it’s released as a podcast.

And they’ll see fiction given dimension. In-world, 7th Son fans can step into the memorable “Womb” cloning chamber from Book One: Descent, where the story’s heroes were born. Fans can see the clones. They can be a clone. It’s a new life, there in Second Life.

The party starts at 7 pm Second Life time (10pm EST, 7pm PST) on Saturday Sept. 23, at the Podcast Island. Podcast Island is the Second Life community of Podcast Pickle. As always, the 7th Son experience won’t cost you a dime — all you need is a Second Life account, available for free at

Fans joined the Descent. Now they can fight the Deceit. All are encouraged to visit Podcast Island at 7pm SL time on Sept. 23 to experience 7th Son for the first time … a second time.

7th Son, Book Two: Deceit debuts on Tuesday, Sept. 26th. The story will be available at and at

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by more than 297,400 people from around the globe.

From the moment you enter the World you’ll discover a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity. Sign up at It’s free!

Podcast Island was created by Gary “P. Dilly” Leland, the founder and owner of the Podcast Pickle podcast directory. Everyone is welcome on Podcast Island; podcasters and listeners as well as those not yet familiar with podcasting. This island exists as as a meeting place and virtual directory dedicated to bringing podcasting into the virtual realm of Second Life.

How to get to Podcast Island:
When you enter Second Life, simply click on the Search button near the bottom of your screen and select the “Places” tab at the top. Then enter in “Podcast Island” for a search term. There will be a button on the results which will allow you to teleport directly to the island … and to the party.


For more informaton, please contact J.C. Hutchins at [email protected]. Visit for additional news about the 7th Son podiobook trilogy.

Parsec Award Winners

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Parsec AwardsThis past weekend was DragonCon. From what I have heard, everyone had a bitchin’ time. Here are the winners of the first ever Parsec Awards, which you can even listen to in it’s entirety if you so choose!

Listen to the 2006 Awards here!

The Winners and Nominees of the 2006 Parsec Awards are:

Best Fiction (Short)

Absolution Insured
Variant Frequencies, Matt Wallace

Hero“, Escape Pod, Scott Sigler
Legacies“, Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else, Daniel Emery
The Trouble with Death Traps“, Escape Pod, Daisy James
Truth Is“, The Seanachai, Patrick McLean

Best Fiction (Long)

How to Succeed in Evil
The Seanachai, Patrick McLean

7th Son: Descent, J.C. Hutchins
Brave Men Run, Matthew Wayne Selznick
Infection, Scott Sigler
Morevi: Chronicles of Rafe and Askana, Tee Morris and Lisa Lee
Nina Kimberly the Merciless, Christiana Ellis

Best Audio Production

Virgin Falls
Jeff Folchinsky

The Falcon Banner, Chris Snyder
The Future And You, Stephen Euin Cobb
The Seanachai, Patrick McLean
The Signal, Jill Arroway

Best Writing Podcast

The Secrets
Michael A. Stackpole

Holly Lisle On Writing, Holly Lisle
The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, Tee Morris

Best Audio Drama (Long)

The Stargate Café
Planet Retcon

Children of the Gods, Cmack
Dismay, Sean McMinn
The Falcon Banner, Chris Snyder
Mister Adventure, Rich Sigfrit

Best Audio Drama (Short)

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Grant Baciocco, Doug Price

Decoder Ring Theatre“, Stephanie Bickford, Andrea Lyons and Gregg Taylor
Family Radio“, Sound Stages
The Hoff“, Planet Retcon

Best Fiction (Non-sepeculative)

Death of A Dish Washer
The Seanachai, Patrick McLean

Candy“, The Seanachai, Patrick McLean
The Great Puzzle“, Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else, Daniel Emery
Outsourcing a Chicken“, The Seanachai, Patrick McLean
Port City P.D., Charles Stewart, Jr.

Best Fan Podcast

The Scapecast
Kevin Bachelder, Lindy Rae and crew

Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, Summer Brooks, Joe Murphy, David Moldawer
PotterCast, John Noe and crew
Requiem of the Outcast, Rich Sigfrit and Earl Newton
The Signal, Jill Arroway, Les Howard and Kari Haley and crew

Best News Podcast

The Future And You
Stephen Euin Cobb

Geek4x4, John M. Campbell
Requiem of the Outcast, Rich Sigfrit, Earl Newton
Sci Fi News, Lynne Gryphon
The Warp Zone, Patrick Murphy & Chris Murphy with “Gaming Guru” Rusty

Congratulations to this year’s Winners & Nominees!