SSS presents: Lost Sorceress Of The Silent Citadel by Michael Moorcock

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Star Ship SofaThe latest podcast from Star Ship Sofa is supposed to be pure Space Opera – and it is, if you don’t count my good friend Tony recounting the frightening brush with mortality that precedes Moorcock’s tale (that story is pure Horror). I hope we can all take a lesson from Tony’s incident and get our workplace helmets on before we get too excited about podcasting.

The reading that follows is just what we need after Tony’s tale, an unabridged reading of a 2002 Moorcock novelette called Lost Sorceress Of The Silent Citadel. Its an escapist, fannish, fun on Mars! A Space Opera, a “Planetary Romance”, an ode to Leigh Brackett, read by Mr. Fun himself Steve Eley! Enjoy…

Lost Sorceress Of The Silent Citadel by Michael MoorcockLost Sorceress Of The Silent Citadel
By Michael Moorcock; Read by Steve Eley
1 |MP3| – Approx. 90 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: December 5th 2007
They came on the Earthling naked, somewhere in the Shifting Desert when Mars’s harsh sunlight beat through thinning atmosphere and the sand was raw glass cutting into bare feet. His skin hung like filthy rags from his bloody flesh. He was starved, filthy, making noises like an animal. He was raving — empty of identity and will. What had the ghosts of those ancient Martians done to him?

Good healing to you Tony!

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