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Star Ship SofaStarShipSofa podcast has a great audio story this week by none other than SF legend Bruce Sterling called We See Things Differently. It came out in 1989 and was part of his short story collection for his anthology Globalhead.

It is my aim to publish the very best of SF stories by world class writers and Bruce Sterling is one of those writers. All our stories will be delivery free through our feed and will always be available through our Sofa Audio part of the site.

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Star Ship Sofa: Fiction, and talk about it par excellence

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Star Ship SofaRelentless blog-whore that he is, I gave my good buddy Tony Smith the task of writing up a bit about the latest offerings on his Star Ship Sofa podcast. Here’s what Tony (who thinks he can’t write) wrote:

“Following on from the brilliant series of Michael Moorcock stories, the one and only StarShipSofa has gone and got themselves a darn fine futuristic story by 2007 Hugo Nominee, Peter Watts… and if that wasn’t enough, hasn’t Peter Watts narrated this story himself and he also gives a small insight into how this particular tale came about. If you have not already subscribed to the StarShipSofa, then I urge all to do so. They have some fine tales due out soon from the likes of Harry Harrison, Kevin J Anderson, John Varley, Bradley Denton, Pat Murphy and Bruce Sterling among others – so be warned – subscribe or miss out on some fine oral delights!”

I love how Tony talks, and guess what, he writes just like how he talks – “oral delights” – just what kind of show is this?

Star Ship Sofa has consistently proved that it is THE podcast place in which you’ll find discussion of SF authors and their works. At this very moment I’m listening to Tony talk knowledgeably about Hal Clement (Show #73 |MP3|) – for some reason his sidekick, the unflappable Ciaran O’Carroll is absent from the latest show).

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Bruce Sterling’s The Hacker Crackdown gets podcast

Podcast - The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce SterlingCory Doctorow has started recording Science Fiction author Bruce Sterling‘s The Hacker Crackdown. The book is non-fiction, but deals with some speculative fiction themes. About it Cory writes:

“I’ve been podcasting my fiction since September 2005, and I’ve basically caught up. There are a couple of novels in the can that will be coming into print shortly, and some collaborative stories, but apart from them, I’ve read it all. So now I’m reading other people’s stuff — at least while I get more in the can. I’m starting with Bruce Sterling’s brilliant, seminal book The Hacker Crackdown, a 1992 book that recounts the events that led to the founding of The Electronic Frontier Foundation, my former employer. Bruce released the book as a free electronic download nearly 10 years before I did the same with my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. This book changed my life — and the lives of countless others. It inspired me politically, artistically and socially. Last week, I saw Bruce at his home in Serbia and asked him if he minded my reading this aloud for the next 20 weeks or so. He gave me his blessing — so here it is.”

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Science Fiction author Bruce Sterling. He’s larg…

Science Fiction author Bruce Sterling. He’s largely responsible for the Cyberpunk movement. His humor is as dry as his mind is sharp. We’ve found an MP3 online that features him speaking on an interesting SF theme, The Singularity. It runs nearly 50 minutes, not surprisingly it was done for the Long Now Foundation, a foundation itself right out of Asimov’s Science Fiction. Click HERE to download it. Be aware the sound quality is poor even though the ideas are rich.

Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction

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I just stumbled across a very nice resource – Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is a television show based in Arlington, VA. They have interviewed a number of science fiction authors, and they have archives going back to 2003 so you can listen to (or watch – each interview is available in MP3 audio format or compressed video format) at your leisure.

The following interviews are currently available: Orson Scott Card, Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, Patricia Wrede, Elizabeth Massie, Laura Anne Gilman, Susanna Clarke, Jasper Fforde, China Miéville, Cortney Skinner, Kim Stanley Robinson, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, Tamora Pierce, Nalo Hopkinson, Jack Williamson, Terry Pratchett, Karl Kofoed, Margaret Weis, Laurell K. Hamilton, Garth Nix, Roger MacBride Allen, Donna Andrews, Catherine Asaro, Robert Jordan, Will Ludwigsen, and Mindy Klasky.

Click here for their archives!

Here’s an interesting episode of WNYC’s The Brian …

Here’s an interesting episode of WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show:

“When Life Imitates Science Fiction”
Wednesday, January 07, 2004, 13 Minutes

When did science fiction and reality become indistinguishable? Guest Steven Shaviro discusses the relevance of science fiction stories of Philip K. Dick, William Burroughs, K.W. Jeter, and Bruce Sterling to modern life.

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