The SFFaudio Podcast #025


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #025 – Jesse and Scott are joined by Brian Murphy of The Silver Key and The Cimmerian blogs. We mostly talk about Fantasy, with a little war talk to make things manlier.

Talked about on today’s show:
Recent Arrivals, Penguin Audio, re-release of Stephen King audiobooks, Desperation, The Regulators, Thinner, Rose Madder, Joe Mantegna, Blair Brown, Kathy Bates, Kate Nelligan, the origins of the “Richard Bachman” pseudonym, Donald E. Westlake, Chapterhouse Dune, Frank Herbert, full cast narration, Macmillan Audio, Starship series, Mike Resnick, Jonathan Davis, Book Of The Road, dual narration, Elric Of Melbinone, Michael Moorcock, Audio Realms, The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman, the Canadian publishing industry, Raincoast Books, Od Magic, Patricia A. McKillip, Dreams Underfoot, Charles de Lint, cover art matters, Black Gate blog, Confessions Of A Speed Reading Instructor, “how long is a book ?”, Top 10 Fantasy Battles Of All Time, The Iliad, Homer, Recorded Books, George Guidall, the Robert Fitzgerald translation, reciting Homeric length epics (the documentary In Search Of The Trojan War), Bernard Cornwell, The Winter King, King Arthur (2004), Clive Owen, Excalibur (1981), Audio Renaissance (Macmillan Audio), Chivers Audio (BBC Audiobooks America), ISIS Audio, the Sharpe television series, George R.R. Martin, A Song Of Ice And Fire series.

King Arthur,

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The SFFaudio Podcast #024


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #024 – Jesse and Scott discuss hardware (which is the best iPod), comics (graphic novels to some), movies (bad and worse) and even a few audiobooks (not so bad at all).

Talked about on today’s show:
Recent arrivals, Od Magic by Patricia A. McKillip, Blackstone Audio, Dreams Underfoot by Charles de Lint, urban fantasy, Pebble In The Sky by Isaac Asimov, BBC Audiobooks America, Gentleman Of The Road by Michael Chabon, In The Electric Mist With The Confederate Dead by James Lee Burke, New Orleans, why there’s no such thing as a “noir” series, Montana, film: Taken,, Duplicate Effort by Kristine Katherine Rusch, the Moon,’s Short Story sale, Coming Attraction by Fritz Leiber, LibriVox + SFFaudio = Instant iTunes Audiobooks, “Here Comes The eBook Revolution” by Mike Elgan, the e-ing of magazines, review of The Book Of Lies by Brad Meltzer, Phantoms by Dean Koontz, revisionism – what authors shouldn’t go back and revise (or update) their published novels, evidence: Star Wars, Star Trek: Amok Time, Escape Pod returns! with a new Ken Scholes short story, Lamentation by Ken Scholes, Springtime for Hitler (and Germany), iPhone’s drawback (battery life), iPod Nano vs. iPod Classic vs. iPod Touch, The Cutie by Donald E. Westlake comes to audiobook on March 1st 2009, Decoder Ring Theatre, Gregg Taylor’s Black Jack Justice is now a webcomic!, Sandman: Brief Lives by Neil Gaiman, Gaiman on CBC.

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The SFFaudio Podcast #019


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #019 – Julie Davis (of the Forgotten Classics, StarShipSofa and Happy Catholic blog) joins us for a potassium filled show.

Talked about on today’s show:
Forgotten Classics, The Hidden Adversary, Agatha Christie, Temptation, David Brin, Recorded Books, Sundiver, Different Seasons, Stephen King, Frank Muller, Daemon, Daniel Suarez, Microsoft Zune’s 30gb brick = DRM, Librivox’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Craftlit, Craftlit podcast, Another Beowulf & Grendel, Iceland, Greenland, The Fall, Encounters At The End Of The World, Antarctica, Chicago, Dreams With Sharp Teeth coming to DVD, Harlan Ellison, Voices From The Edge, City Of Darkness, Ben Bova, A Wizard Of Earthsea, Ursula K. LeGuin, The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury, A good book badly read: IBM And The Holocaust, Edwin Black (have a listen to a sample) |MP3|, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman, Tony Smith from StarShipSofa, the worst news of 2008/2009: Donald Westlake is dead. The Hunter, The Sour Lemon Score, Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr Burglar books, Richard Stark’s Parker novels, Spider Robinson, The Hook, The Ax, Humans, Samuel Holt, Grofield, Lemons Never Lie, Hard Case Crime, Somebody Owes Me Money, The Risk Profession, Tomorrow’s Crimes, Anarchaos, Theodore Bikel, Westlake’s “nephew novels”, Smoke, Ross Thomas, Dick Francis, an incomplete but wonderfully annotated bibliography of Westlake novels, My Own Worst Enemy, Money For Nothing, The Cutie, Lord Valentine’s Castle, Robert Silverberg,

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Spider Robinson reads In Fading Suns And Dying Moons by John Varley and Chapter 1 of Bad News by Donald E. Westlake

SFFaudio Online Audio

Spider On The Web - Spider Robinson’s podcastSpider Robinson beat us to the punch by a few hours talking about Donald Westlake’s death on his latest podcast. As usual there’s a lot more going on in the latest show too! He reads chapter one of Bad News, one of Donald E. Westlake’s famous “Dortmunder” crime/comedy novels. And on top of all the music Spider plays there’s a complete and unabridged reading of a John Varley story too…

Stars: Original Stories Based On The Songs Of Janis IanIn Fading Suns And Dying Moons
By John Varley; Read by Spider Robinson
Podcaster: Spider On The Web
Podcast: January 4th 2009
The story of an unstoppable alien invasion of Earth. Curiously the aliens look human and speak English (and every other language on Earth) and constantly reference Edwin Abbot’s Flatland: A Romance Of Many Dimensions. Their mission? Seize all of the butterflies on the planet.

Podcast feed:

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Aural Noir: News

Chivers Sound Library - Cops And Robbers by Donald E. WestlakeChivers Sound Library - Put A Lid On It by Donald E. WestlakeBooks On Tape - The Ax by Donald E. WestlakeChivers Sound Library - Trust Me On This by Donald E. WestlakeBooks On Tape - The Black Ice Score by Richard Stark (AKA Donald E. Westlake)

Books On Tape - Smoke by Donald E. WestlakeAudio Editions - The Fugitive Pigeon by Donald E. WestlakeBooks On Tape - Bad News by Donald E. WestlakeDurkin Hayes Audio - Tomorrow’s Crimes by Donald E. WestlakeChivers Sound Library - The Hook by Donald E. Westlake

Donald E. WestlakeDONALD E. WESTLAKE (1933 – 2008) is dead.

An Adventure Mystery, Crime, Noir, Science Fiction, Fantasy and AWESOME writer is DEAD.

And that really sucks.

A prolific, award-winning Mystery Grand Master, the creator of the well loved Dortmunder and Parker books died on New Year’s Eve 2008. He was just 75.

According to the obituary it was a sudden heart attack on New Year’s Eve 2008. He died while on vacation in San Tancho, Mexico.

Westlake was an immensely successful and influential author. Having written more than a book a year since the 1950s. He wrote fiction, in varied genres, non-fiction and even a few screenplays. Never again shall Richard Stark, Tucker Coe, Samuel Holt, Edwin West, John B. Allan, Judson Jack Carmichael, Curt Clark, Timothy J. Culver, J. Morgan Cunningham, Alan Marshall, Alan Marsh, or Donald Westlake pen another work, and for that fact alone my world is a far crappier world.

Many of the obituaries you will read about him will talk about his Edgar Award wins, acclaim for his various works, or his Academy award nominated screenplay of The Grifters (based on the awesome novel by Jim Thompson). That’s not for me. I’m here to praise his writing. Westlake was a book-writer first. He dabbled in Hollywood (and came out with some great stories) but much of his work there was really lame

Thus I will only speak of my fondness for his books. It started as a whirlwind romance… and it really was love at first sight. I was introduced to Westlake indirectly by a recommendation of a fictional character in another author’s novel. The character (Bernie Rhodenbarr) recommended I give a book by Richard Stark a try. He read just a few lines from what I at first assumed was just a fake book. But I was so entranced, from the snippets that I got curious, hopeful even. It turned out that this “Parker” character that Bernie was reading to me about was in fact a real character in a real book!

It sounded really good and so I made my way to the shelves of my local bookstore and started buying.

Soon after I was buying every book by “Richard Stark” I could lay my hands on. I even convinced my local library to try to get me an inter-library loan for an out of print and very rare (and extremely expensive) Stark novel (Plunder Squad). She had to get it from a library in the Yukon for me. I then discovered a novel in the “Parker series” written by a guy named “Westlake” – it turned out that I had the information slightly off though as Westlake was Stark and the novel in question wasn’t a real novel as much as a novel within another novel (Jimmy The Kid). So I tracked down the rest of that series (the “Dortmunder” series). Since then I came to a major conclusion about the man:

Donald Westlake wrote great books.

I’ve never read a bad Westlake chapter, I’ve never even read a bad Westlake sentence. His books on every subject and genre are full of good writing, fine entertainment and a joy for books.

Westlake is gone.

Westlake was one of my all time favourite authors.

The news that Westlake has died really pisses me off.

I sure wish Parker were around to pull off one more heist.

He was so bad he could have stolen Westlake back for us.

One Of Us Is Wrong by Samuel Holt (Donald E. Westlake)Kahawa by Donald E. WestlakeA Likely Story by Donald E. WestlakePolice Procedurals (Academy Mystery Novellas 2) includes The Sound Of Murder by Donald WestlakeTwo Much by Donald E. WestlakeThe Operator (original title: Killing Time) by Donald Westlake

The Smashers (original title: The Mercenaries) by Donald E. WestlakeGod Save The Mark by Donald E. WestlakeEnough (two novellas: A Travesty and Ordo) by Donald E. WestlakeHigh Adventure by Donald E. WestlakeMurder Among Children (written as by “Tucker Coe”) by Donald WestlakeKilling Time by Donald E. Westlake

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Maria Lectrix Podcast: The Risk Profession by Donald E. Westlake

SFFaudio Online Audio

Maureen O’Brien, of the prolific Maria Lectrix podcast, has wrapped up her reading of Donald E. Westlake’s The Risk Profession. This tale was originally published in the March 1961 issue of Amazing Stories magazine. It was later collected in Tomorrow’s Crimes (a collection of Science Fiction by Westlake). I’m a big fan of all of Westlake’s writing, he’s prolific, and he never disappoints. Here’s the intro teaser for this solid tale…

The men who did dangerous work had a special kind of insurance policy. But when somebody wanted to collect on that policy, the claims investigator suddenly became a member of …

Science Fiction Audiobook - The Risk Profession by Donald E. WestlakeThe Risk Profession
By Donald E. Westlake; Read by Maureen O’Brien
4 MP3 Files – Approx. 1 Hour 24 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Maria Lectrix
Podcast: November 2008
In space, you still need insurance investigators. And anywhere there’s people, there’s fraud, theft, and murder. Donald E. Westlake is famous for his mysteries and thrillers. In this 1961 story, he shows us a future that’s got a little sense of wonder and a lot of human nature.
Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3| Part 3 |MP3| Part 4 |MP3|

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