CBC: Ray Bradbury interview (1992 with Eleanor Wachtel)

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CBC - Writers & CompanyHere’s a Ray Bradbury interview from May 3, 1992. Recorded with Eleanor Wachtel from CBC’s Writers & Company. It’s a pretty terrific interview, in large part because of how different it is from the Vicki Gabereau interview that I posted yesterday.

Wachtel seems to rub Ray Bradbury the wrong way. When she challenges him about his bold claims about the place of SF in literature and the world Bradbury goes on the offensive (as offensive as Bradbury can get) – making some awesome arguments. Bradbury sees the then present, of 1992, as a place that’s absolutely wonderful – arguing that for just a few dollars you can form your own film society by renting all the world’s best films (something I myself did – except I bought them used from those video stores). But when Wachtel mentions the environmental problems (specifically a hole in the ozone layer) Bradbury takes her to task on the existence or non-existence of same – arguing that he’ll not be dragged into the role of doomsayer. It’s terrific! Have a listen:

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CBC: As It Happens – Ray Bradbury

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CBC - As It HappensCBC’s long-running interview show, As It Happens, just finished airing a segment on Ray Bradbury, which consisted of a brief obituary, a vintage interview (from May 1992, with Eleanor Wachtel), and a broadcast of Dimension X’s Zero Hour – the streaming audio edition omits Zero Hour, (we’ll find out about the podcast edition tommorow) – in the meantime the segment as it exists begins at 9 minutes 30 seconds:

Podcast feed: http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/includes/asithappens.xml

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The Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy #55 – Michael Chabon

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Geeks Guide To The GalaxyA recent Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy podcast was an interview with Michael Chabon, mostly about his role in the John Carter script.

Now depending on the guest and the topic Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy can be anywhere from fairly interesting to absolutely fascinating.

But like far too many podcasts it’s biggest problem is not content, it’s the volume mix.

Podcasts are not only listened to with high end earphones in soundproofed rooms, they’re listened to in the rain, in the streets, and from the tiny little iPhone speaker across the room.

Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy‘s volume is just too damn low.

Despite this, here’s the |MP3|.

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To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Philip K. Dick

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To The Best Of Our KnowledgePublic Radio International’s To The Best Of Our Knowledge has a new Philip K. Dick special up. Here’s how they describe it:

Nobody blurred the line between his life and his literature more than the legendary science-fiction author, Philip K. Dick. And that’s only fitting since one of the major themes of his fiction is, “What is reality?” This week we take a look at the life and work of the man who’s been described as “one of the most valiant psychological explorers of the twentieth century,” as we commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death.

And here’s the list of speakers:
Jim Fleming, Steve Paulson, Anne Strainchamps, Jonathan Lethem, Anne Dick, Umberto Rossi, and David Gill.

Here’s the audio |MP3| but I’m afraid the file isn’t directly HuffDuffable (though it does readily download).

[via TotalDickHead and BoingBoing]

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The Bat Segundo Show #432 interview with Stephen Fry

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The Bat Segundo ShowThe Bat Segundo Show, episode #432, has the host, Edward Champion, “basking in a pleasant tsunami of erudition” when he talks to Stephen Fry.

Among the many subjects discussed in this delightfully wide ranging conversation are Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, how to write essays for exams, the Oxford manner, the ethics of the French Resistance, absolutism, and Brave New World.


Podcast feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/segundo

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