FREE serializations of T.C. Rypel, H.P. Lovecraft and Leanna Renee Hieber audiobooks

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A new online retailer called is serializing, for FREE, some terrific sounding audiobooks from Audio Realms‘ catalogue of feisty fantastic fiction!

AUDIO REALMS - Gonji: Red Blade From The East by T.C. RypelGonji (Vol. 1): Red Blade From The East
By T.C. Rypel; Read by Brian Holsopple
Approx. 8 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audio Realms
Published: July 25, 2009
ISBN: 1897304544
Cast out from his Japanese homeland, Gonji, the Samurai warrior, journeyed across barbaric Europe in the quest of Vedun, the distant city in the loftiest peaks of the Carpathian Alps. Ceaselessly fighting the hated plague and hostile peasants, Gonji struggled to reach the mighty walls of majestic Vedun. But demons and dragons, and mages and monsters pursued the warrior across the wintry plains and the jagged mountains. His swords flashing with fury, Gonji battles his foes and strengthened his will, determined to conquer his hardships, and fulfill his destiny!

There’s no word on how long these serializations will be available so ya’ll should get into it straight away. Here’s what’s been released so far…

Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3|

Upcoming serializations include:

The Dark Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft Vol. 6, At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft <- Beginning March 29th! The Strangely Beautiful Tale Of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber <- Beginning March 29th! Posted by Jesse Willis