The spinoffs of The SFFaudio Podcast (and the shadowy origins of the show itself)

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Listening to podcasts, as I have since almost the very beginning of the medium, I’ve noticed that, like old network TV shows spinoffs happen.

Though itself predates the start of podcasts it was itself inspired by a TV show (TV Ontario’s Prisoner’s Of Gravity). But as for The SFFaudio Podcast itself, well, as I recall it, the most direct inspiration for the format of the first episodes of The SFFaudio Podcast was a show called Dragon Page: Wingin’ It with Michael and Evo (itself a spinoff of the long running Dragon Page podcast).

That show, incidentally, though long defunct also spun-off, Mur Lafferty’s long running I Should Be Writing podcast.

Later episodes take more inspiration from a show called Forgotten Classics.

And, subsequently, The SFFaudio Podcast has spun off, one with Julie Davis of Forgotten Classics, a couple of other podcasts (taking with them’s co-founder Scott D. Danielson):

Reading Envy with Jenny Colvin and Scott D. Danielson
A Good Story Is Hard To Find with Julie Davis and Scott D. Danielson

Perhaps the biggest fan of The SFFaudio Podcast fan, Mirko Stauch, has spun-off a German language show called Arkham Insiders.

Here’s a chart showing some of the connections:

The SFFaudio Podcast Family Tree

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2 thoughts to “The spinoffs of The SFFaudio Podcast (and the shadowy origins of the show itself)”

  1. We are proud to belong to the SFFaudio family.
    In fall 2014 Axel and I will launch a new german SF related podcast project that is intended to be also a spin-off of SFFaudio.
    It’s very obvious that the new podcast owes it’s existence to SFFaudio and we are very grateful for all the inspiration that we got from this podcast. The Arkham Insiders podcast has become an important part of my life and so will be the additional podcast that also does not hide it’s ancestor as you will see by it’s name:
    SIGMA 2 Foxtrot.
    We owe you so much. Thank you!
    When I returned to SF in 2011 after a several years long hiatus, the SFFaudio podcast very soon became a shining beacon for me through the wide field of SF, Fantasy, Horror and the like. I listened to all episodes in a row and my personal highlight was to be a part of some episodes and even a narrator for two audiobooks which was a great honor.
    To show how much we appreciate your work we will try to establish a podcast in german that will be SFFaudio’s very little brother.
    Thanks guys!

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