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Meta SFFaudioThis may be a first, a promo for a website. SFFaudio does not podcast, but we’ve been asked more than a few times to give a promo to podcasts and radio shows that we talk about. Now we can reply with an actual professionally recorded promo – created for us by Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre. If you’re a podcaster, have a radio show or are podcasting your novel plug our slick 33 second promo |MP3| into your show and we’ll add yours to the list of promoters below along with a link to where listeners can hear your promo (if you have one).

The penultimate installment Look Into The Sun on James Patrick Kelly‘s Free Reads podcast has just run our promo! Listen to a promo for JPk’s Free Reads podcast and StoryPod (an Audible Podcast) |MP3|.

The Sci Phi Show podcast has played our promo! Here’s the The Sci Phi Show‘s own promo |MP3|.

The LibriVox community podcast has played our promo! Here’s a link to the FLASH animation promo for LibriVox.

The Sonic Society podcast has played our promo. Here’s the SS promo |MP3|.

The Beam Me Up podcast and radio show in Rockland Maine has played our promo.

KFAI’s Sound Affects – A Radio Playground has played our promo! Tune in to Sound Affects between 9:30-10:30 PM (Central Time) in the Minneapolis/St. Paul. region – 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul. Listen to the hilarious promo for it (performed by the original Arthur Dent) |MP3|.

Ken Newquist of the Nuketown Radioactive podcast has played our promo! Here’s the Nuketown Promo |MP3|.

Escape Pod: The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine has played our promo! Woot! Here’s the vintage, but oh-so-cool promo |MP3| for EPod!

The Slice Of Sc-Fi podcast has played our promo! Go check out Slice Of Sci-Fi’s site the best source on the net for news about TV and Movie SF.

The Dial P For Pulp podcast has played our podcast! Listen to its own pulpy promo |MP3|.

The Forgotten Classics podcast has played our promo! Go have a listen to this thoughtful literary podcast.

The Frequency Of Fear podcast, hosted by the zero-g zombie with an A+ podcast has played our promo! Listen to this fantastically awesome promo for TFoF |MP3|. Yarrrg!

The Time Traveler Show has played the SFFaudio promo! Joy! Have a listen to a modern |MP3| and vintage |MP3| versions of The Time Traveler Show‘s own promos.

Dragon Page – Cover To Cover has played our promo! This venerable program doesn’t seem to have a promo so I’m going to plug the show with their podcast feed: http://www.dragonpage.com/podcastC2C.xml

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan podcast has played our promo! Why not have a listen to the deadpanningest podcast on Earth!?!?!

The Rev Up Review has played our promo! Have a listen to the RuR promo then go subscribe!

Paul Campbell of Cossmass ProductionsEstavlin’s Legacy (a podcast audio drama) and Rebels Of The Red Planet (a podcast novel from the SFFaudio Challenge) has played our promo a half dozen times! We love Paul! Here are his promos for Estavlin’s Legacy |MP3| and Rebels Of The Red Planet |MP3|.

Bill Hollweg from Broken Sea Audio Productions‘ podcast of The Planet Of The Apes has played our promo on the final installment of their fan amalgam of the Pierre Boule novel and the Michael Wilson/Rod Serling film. You can subscribe to the podcast via this feed:

Ulysses Galactic Guides and Bounties, one of Broken Sea Audio Production`s many original audio drama podcasts has played our promo! Check out the show HERE.

The Buffy Between The Lines podcast audio drama has played our promo! Check out the show and the promo |MP3|. Buffy Between The Lines is a fan-created by Buffy fans from around the world. Each season focuses on the “summer” spaces between the seasons of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series. Cool huh?

Dani Cutler’s Truth Seekers podcast has played our promo! Have a listen to the Truth Seeker’s promo |MP3|.

PodioMedia Chat has played our promo (in advance of airing the interview with me, Jesse Willis). Have a listen to PMC’s |MP3| promo!

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