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Big Ideas - A TVO PodcastTV Ontario, the channel that brought us Prisoners Of Gravity is now podcasting the audio track from its terrific lecture show Big Ideas. The most recent broadcast and podcast features SF author Robert J. Sawyer expounding on the virtues of Science Fiction (and the original Star Trek) and the vices of Star Wars. Have a listen |MP3| to his 40 minute lecture and be blown away! RJS’ analysis is solid, and his delivery is absolutely Shatnerian. Also under the microscope are the film of Planet Of The Apes and novelist Michael Crichton. Here’s the official description:

“Author Robert J. Sawyer explains how Hollywood’s approach to science fiction, starting with George Lucas’s Star Wars, has dulled the edge that made science fiction such a pertinent film genre. Sawyer disects the problematic aspects of the original Star Wars film and shows how science fiction books continue to tackle difficult issues while their big screen counterparts take the easy road of big explosions and small ideas.”

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New Releases

New Releases

Here’s an exclusive that bends the Fantasy genre to the “extreme”…

Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies by Polly FrostDeep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies
By Polly Frost; Read by Allison Frasier, Maggie Hoffman, Brian Mendes
Audible Download – 7 Hours 16 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: / Macmillan Audio
Published: February 2008
“A dominatrix with a discipline problem. A nervous virgin tempted by an unearthly sacrifice. Lust-crazed Viagra addicts. A sexual psychic who can foresee other people’s erotic adventures. And a street cop hooked on alien ecstasy…. The sensual men and women in this sizzling collection are all in search of the ultimate sexual high. No plain old vanilla sex here; driven by insatiable desires, they push their bodies and souls to the limits, exploring the outer limits of eroticism. From arcane sexual rituals to the heights of Hollywood decadence, Deep Inside breaks every taboo as it takes you inside the throbbing flesh and twisted urges of the kinky, the depraved, and the supernatural. Turn down the lights and enter a new realm of exotic and forbidden pleasures.”

This would be “book eight” of the “Legacy of the Force” series…

Star Wars Legacy Of The Force RevelationStar Wars – Legacy Of The Force – Revelation
By Karen Traviss; Read by Mark Thompson
5 CDs – 6 Hours [ABRIDGED]
Publisher: Random House Audio
Published: February 2008
ISBN: 9780739324011
In his new mantle as Sith Lord, Jacen Solo’s dark powers reach a peak as he continues to crush opposition across the warring galaxy and bring his dream of a new order closer to fruition. But those who once fought at his side now turn against him, and as his unexpected enemies rally to the Confederation, Ben Skywalker discovers the full and terrible truth of how his mother died.

Announced as exclusive to iTunes UK this “Pre-Release Audiobook” would be lovely if it was released wider…

Science Fiction Audiobook - Matter by Iain M. BanksMatter – A Culture Novel
By Iain M. Banks; Read by Toby Longworth
Audible Download – Approx. 18 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Hachette Audio UK /
Published: February 2008
There was nobody of her own kind within several thousand light years of where Djan Seriy Anaplian sat. However, news from her home world of Sursamen would still reach her.

“A vivid, funny and utterly original debut novel that’s deeply charming” – and it sounds like a Neil Gaiman novel crossed with the TV show Big Brother

Fantasy Audiobook - Gods Behaving Badly by Marie PhillipsGods Behaving Badly
By Marie Phillips; Read by Tom Sellwood
5 CDs – 6 Hours [ABRIDGED]
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Published: December 2007
ISBN: 1600240720
Being a Greek god is not all it once was. Yes, the twelve gods of Olympus are alive and well in the twenty-first century, but they are crammed together in a London townhouse-and none too happy about it. And they’ve had to get day jobs: Artemis as a dog-walker, Apollo as a TV psychic, Aphrodite as a phone sex operator, Dionysus as a DJ. Even more disturbingly, their powers are waning, and even turning mortals into trees-a favorite pastime of Apollo’s-is sapping their vital reserves of strength.

Macmillan Audio has a whole subsite devoted to their Dune audiobooks…

Science Fiction Audiobook - Dune Messiah by Frank HerbertDune Messiah
By Frank Herbert; Scott Brick and others
7 CDs – 9 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Macmillain Audio / BBC Audiobooks America
Published: October 2007
ISBN: 1427202362
This sequel to Dune explores new developments on the desert planet Arrakis, with its intricate social order and its strange threatening environment. Dune Messiah picks up the story of the man known as Maud’dib, heir to a power unimaginable, bringing to fruition an ambition of unparalleled scale: the centuries-old scheme to create a superbeing who reigns not in the heavens but among men. But the question is: Do all paths of glory lead to the grave?

“magical realism dusted with a bit of erotica” – and the cover is titillating…

Nawashi Nawashi
By Graydancer; Read by Graydancer
Podcast Novel / Podiobook -[UNABRIDGED?]
Published: February 2008 – ????
Nawashi is an erotic urban fantasy, the story of a man who discovers that underneath the world of kink and BDSM lies a global conflict of magical forces. Drawn into it, he struggles to develop his own powers and skill to protect his family from the forces which now consider him a threat.

Nominated for an Audie award…

Fantasy Audiobook - Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Ravens Of Avalon by Diana L. PaxsonMarion Zimmer Bradley’s Ravens Of Avalon
By Diana L. Paxson; Read by Lorna Raver
CDs – 16 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Tantor Media
Published: August 2007
ISBN: 140013496X
Diana L. Paxson expands Marion Zimmer Bradley”s beloved and bestselling Avalon series in a dramatic new installment. Marion Zimmer Bradley”s Ravens of Avalon, the prequel to The Forest House, tells the story of the Roman conquest of Britain and the origin of the Forest House that preceded the return to Avalon.

A 1997 Lethem novel, that sounds like it’d fit nicely on a shelf next to Connie Willis’

Science Fiction Audiobook - As She Climbed Across The Table by Jonathan LethemAs She Climbed Across The Table
By Jonathan Lethem; Read by David Aaron Baker
CDs – 5.75 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Books on Tape / Random House Audio
Published: September 2007
ISBN: 0739357255
Philip is in love with Alice. As the novel opens, he is beginning to lose her. Not to another man, as he fears, but to, literally, nothing. Alice is a physicist, and a team at the University where both she and Philip work has created a hole, a vacuum, a doorway of nothingness inside the laboratory. They call it “Lack.” Alice becomes obsessed with Lack, as Philip is obsessed by Alice.

Lethem’s 1998 novel, according to wikipedia, is meant to evoke the classic western film The Searchers (1956)…

Science Fiction Audiobook - Girl In Landscape by Jonathan LethemGirl In Landscape
By Jonathan Lethem; Read by David Aaron Baker
CDs – 6.5 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Books on Tape / Random House Audio
Published: September 2007
ISBN: 0739357247
At the age of 13, Pella Marsh emigrates with her family to the Planet of the Archbuilders. These enigmatic aborigines have names like Lonely Dumptruck and and Hiding Kneel–and a civilization that baffles and frightens their human visitors.

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New Releases from Random House Audio for late November

New Releases

Here are a few reasons to buy stock in Random House Audio this winter!

audiobook - Dreamsongs Volume 2 by George R. R. MartinSelections From Dreamsongs: Volume II
By George R.R. Martin; Read by various
14 CDs -17 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Random House Audio
Published: 11/27/2007 |AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW @|
ISBN: 9780739357149
Included in VOLUME II are acclaimed stories such as Sandkings, which won both the Nebula® and Hugo awards, and the Bram Stoker Award–winning The Pear-Shaped Man. Featuring extensive author commentary, DREAMSONGS, VOLUME II, is an invaluable chronicle of a writer at the height of his creativity—and an unforgettable listening experience for fans old and new.

audiobook - Dreamsongs Volume 3 by George R. R. MartinSelections From Dreamsongs: Volume III
By George R.R. Martin; Read by various
17 CDs – 20 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Random House Audio
Published: 11/27/2007 |AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW @|
ISBN: 9780739357163
Included in Volume III are acclaimed stories such as the World Fantasy Award winner “The Skin Trade” as well as the first novella in the Ice and Fire universe, “The Hedge Knight,” plus two never-before-published screenplays. Featuring extensive author commentary, Dreamsongs, Volume III, is an invaluable chronicle of a writer at the height of his creativity–and an unforgettable listening experience for fans old and new.

audiobook - The Darkest Evening Of The Year by Dean KoontzThe Darkest Evening Of The Year
By Dean Koontz; Read by Kirsten Kairos
8 CDs – 9 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Random House Audio
Published: 11/27/2007
ISBN: 9780739332962
Amy Redwing’s risk-taking on behalf of desperate dogs is legendary. With money she inherited from a source she will never discuss, she founded and runs a group that rescues abandoned or abused golden retrievers. She has a treasury of astonishing rescue stories — and she’ll be broke by the time she’s forty if she carries on funding the work. Is it this reckless devotion to her work that prevents her making a commitment to the love of her life, Brian McCarthy? It seems so when a particularly thrilling and bizarre rescue brings Nickie into her care. Nickie is instantly recognized as pack leader by Amy’s own two dogs, and her bond with Amy is like no other dog’s.

Science Fiction Audiobook - Blade Runner by Philip K. DickBlade Runner (AKA Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?)
By Philip K. Dick; Read by Scott Brick
8 CDs – 9 Hours 30 Mins. [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Random House Audio
Published: 11/27/2007
ISBN: 9780739342756
The future. The people who remain on Earth live in cluttered cities where radiation poisoning causes illness and gene damage. All animals are endangered. Rick Deckard owned a sheep once, it died, now an electric replica allows him to maintain the illusion of animal ownership – something important in his religion.

Star Wars Audiobook - Star Wars - Legacy Of The Force - Fury by Aaron AllstonStar Wars: Legacy Of The Force – Fury
By Aaron Allston; Read by Marc Thompson
5 CDs – 6 Hours 30 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Random House Audio
Published: 11/27/2007
ISBN: 9780739324004
The seventh book in the “Legacy of the Force” series.

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New Releases for August

SFFaudio New Releases

Star Wars - Legacy Of The Force: InfernoStar Wars – Legacy Of The Force: Inferno
By Troy Denning; Read by Marc Thompson
5 CDs – 6 Hours 30 Minutes [ABRIDGED]
Publisher: Random House Audio
Published: August 2007
ISBN: 9780739323991
“Luke Skywalker wanted to unify the Jedi order and bring peace to the universe. Instead his wife Mara lies dead at the hands of an unknown assassin, his wayward nephew Jacen has seized control of the Galactic Alliance, and the galaxy has exploded in all-out civil war. With Luke consumed by grief, Jacen Solo works quickly to consolidate his power and jumpstart his plan to take over the Jedi.”

The Wheel Of DarknessThe Wheel of Darkness
By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child; Read by Rene Auberjonois
12 CDs – 13 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Published: August 2007
“At a remote monastery, they learn that a rare and dangerous artifact the monks have been guarding for generations has been mysteriously stolen.”

The Bright Child by Tommy WallachThe Bright Child
By Tommy Wallach; Read by Tommy Wallach
STATUS: In Progress
“The Bright Child is a fantasy novel in the mold of Philip Pullman or C.S. Lewis. Parker Sante, a chubby eighth-grader whose best friend is the view out his attic window, has recently been kicked out of his high school for almost killing another boy. His mother doesn’t know what to do with him, and is ecstatic when he is accepted to a new private school that promises to be one of the best in the country, Bright Child Academy. The family moves to Yreka, a small suburban town in the Pacific Northwest, so Parker can attend. Finally, he’ll be able to start fresh.”

The Bright Child by Tommy WallachTerra Incognita
By Gary Hicks; Read by Gary Hicks
STATUS: In Progress
“Drawn together apparently by the hand of fate, Trent and Cole escape the oppressive totalitarian domed city that has nurtured them all their lives. Outside they discover a world they could never have imagined. They are pursued by the city Militia, intent on returning them to the secretive entity that oversees every facet of the city.”

CBC Comedy Podcast skewers with Harry Potter alternate endings

SFFaudio Online Audio

CBC Radio Podcast - Comedy FactoryMike O’Brien, of the CBC Radio Comedy Factory podcast has a funny series of six audio skitlettes right at the beginning of the latest show. All of them are inspired by the ending of the final Harry Potter novel – they’ve got some alternate endings for us (and don’t worry there are no spoilers for the real deal):

-the “funny misunderstanding” ending
-the Scooby Doo ending
-the Conrad Black ending
-the M. Night Shyamalan ending
-the Star Wars ending

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Apocalypse Al must be freed!

Brilliant monologue by world’s driest humorist Jack Mangan

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Online Audio - Jack Mangan's Deadpan PodcastThe below the radar variety show podcast Jack Mangan’s Deadpan has the most devoted audience in the known universe. Where else can you find a podcast with regular 1000+ comments per post? I think 99.9% of that credit should go to the man himself. Honestly, I tend to fast forward through a lot of the show’s regular segments, skipping over bits like “the contents of one’s fridge” and such – but there’s something about the timing, wit and genuine good nature of the guy with the deadpan delivery that keeps me coming back again and again and again. Jack’s latest show (#66) |MP3| is a short 26 minute “diary podcast” (AKA monologue) talking about Star Wars and community, and the impact those first three movies had on a certain generation’s psychological ethos. Jack once again proves that humor is a dish best served dry:

“Like for example if you’re in a rough place and somebody starts fucking with you – just kill them – hack off their arm with your lightsaber – shoot them first – whatever you got to do.”

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