Tantor Media: Exclusive 35% off MP3 Audiobook Downloads

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Tantor MediaTantor Media, which has recently set up an excellent MP3 download audiobook store, is offering SFFaudio readers 35% off download orders placed until November 15th!

Use Code: SFFNovember
Code expires: November 15, 2011

There are now more than 1,300 audiobooks currently available for download. To see the complete listing click HERE.

Here are some of the Tantor titles that I’ve both heard and can heartily recommend to you:
The Caves Of Steel by Isaac Asimov |READ OUR REVIEW|
Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan |READ OUR REVIEW|
The Coming Of Conan The Cimmerian by Robert E. Howard |DISCUSSED ON SFFaudio Podcast #42|
The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan |READ OUR REVIEW|
Ascent by Jed Mercurio |READ OUR REVIEW|
Nightmares On Congress Street IV (Audio Drama) |READ OUR REVIEW|

And here are just four promising looking titles:
Up Jim River by Michael Flynn
We by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Nightmares On Congress Street V (Audio Drama) |READ OUR REVIEW|
The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

I placed an order for two MP3 audiobooks just a few days ago. I found it a pretty smooth process. The files downloaded very quickly and came in zipped folders containing well labelled and well ordered MP3s. Also very well done is the “My Bookshelf” section, which allows you to re-download titles you’ve already ordered. What Tantor has done here is take Audible.com’s good features and left out the terrible one – Tantor has no crippling DRM!

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4 thoughts to “Tantor Media: Exclusive 35% off MP3 Audiobook Downloads”

  1. Wow! It looks like The Martian Chronicles is on sale for $6.99.

    I’m thinking that it wouldn’t work because at $6.99 it is already more than 35% discounted. I wonder what other titles are that cheap.

  2. Hey everyone! I was JUST coming here to post something about the $6.99 sale. The code won’t work on that, since the discount is already so great, but be sure to use the 35% off coupon for titles that are “regularly” priced.

    Currently, there are 45 titles available for download with this special pricing. I apologize for the list; currently we do not have a way of giving one link with them all included. Happy listening!

    Mind Wide Open
    Market Forces (our 1st Audie winner!)
    The Worst Hard Time
    Three Cups of Tea
    The Sky People (Stirling)
    The God Delusion (Dawkins)
    Caves of Steel (Asimov)
    How Doctors Think
    Opening Atlantis (Turtledove)
    Terra Incognita
    Dies the Fire (Stirling, #1 Emberverse series)
    My Horizontal Life
    Butcher’s Boy (Thomas Perry)
    Blood Money (Thomas Perry)
    Magic Bites (Ilona Andrews, #1 Kate Daniels series)
    Dead Men’s Boots
    Little Bee
    Dead Girls Dance
    The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian
    The Bloody Crown of Conan
    The Conquering Sword of Conan
    Kitty and the Silver Bullet
    The Phoenix Transformed
    Enemies of the People
    The Education of a British-Protected Child
    Hitler’s War (Turtledove, #1 War That Came Early series)
    Why Women Have Sex
    The Lady Queen
    Munich, 1938
    Persona Non Grata
    Heat Wave
    Worse Than War
    Angelic (Kelley Armstrong)
    Archangel’s Kiss (Nalini Singh)
    Long After Midnight (Bradbury)
    The Martian Chronicles (Bradbury)
    The Illustrated Man (Bradbury)
    Happy Chaos
    Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

  3. I was just looking at a book on Tantor’s site and was pleased to see that the prices for MP3 the were better than either Audible or iTunes. With a the blanket 20% off currently being applied, even cheaper than an Audible credit.

    Great to finally have an alternative to Audible or iTunes, at least for Tantor’s titles. Hoping Blackstone does the same :-)

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