Thank You: AdSense $$ for May and June 2012

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Google Adsense cheque for May and June 2012

Thank YouFor our labours, in the months of May and June of this year, we have received a moderately sized contribution:

$131.95 in Google AdSense revenue.

I’d have you know that hosting for the site is actually pretty cheap. But we have plenty of other minor expenses. Like equipment, I like to buy computers – without them I wouldn’t be able to see the website, or write the posts, or do the podcast.

And of course we need $$ for the peripherals like hard drives and scanners.

But more importantly this money is used to make thank you payments to programmers for software like Levelator, and torrent sites like, and for paying for podcast audiobooks.

If we were a business we’d lose money every month. Thankfully we’re not a business. We’re a website and so breaking even is the whole idea.

Thanks for helping to break us even. And please continue to break us. We’re not broken nearly enough. We’d like to be ten times broker.

Your eyes and mouse clicks and finger taps are all much appreciated.

Posted by Jesse Willis

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