The Time Traveler Show # 6: More Philip K. Dick and J.C. Hutchins!

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Podcast - The Time Traveler ShowThe Time Traveler Show podcast #6 is available for download now. The featured tale is another Philip K. Dick short story that has never before been adapted for audio. It’s called The Gun and is read by Michael Bekemeyer. It is a very early PKD short story, his second, and it is a parable for its age, 1952. The guest on the show is J.C. Hutchins, host of the Podiobooker podcast as well as the author of our recently reviewed 7th Son: Descent.

The Time Travler Show Podcast - The Gun by Philip K. DickThe Gun
By Philip K. Dick; Read by Michael Bekemeyer
1 Mp3 File – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: September 2006

A human spaceship encounters a strange planet that is giving off intense nuclear radiation. As the ship draws closer to the planet, the crew sees what appears to be a destroyed city and are shot at and forced to land. They find a strangely familiar tableau on the planet below.

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