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TSFPN: The Science Fiction Podcast NewtorkThe long languishing, imprecisely labeled and oldest of specialized Science Fiction and Fantasy podcast directories, TSFPN.com (T.he S.ci-F.i P.odcast N.etwork) has finally and officially died. It started strong, inflated rapidly, changed its name and goals, and then, like a monkey in a banana factory, keeled over comatose and laid still. On May 29th 2007 the official announcement was made. The site’s forums are still available, HERE, but are sparsely populated.

One of the forces behind the site was SF & Fantasy author Michael A. Stackpole. Stackpole had recently taken a prominent podcasting role on the premier new SF books podcast: Dragon Page Cover-To-Cover.

Still running are competitors SciFiPods.com (a branch of PodcastPickle.com) and our own SFFaudio Online Audio page.

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