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You may have noticed SFFaudio has a new WordPress theme. Ya, well, it isn’t purely cosmetic. We were forced to do some self-surgery due to complaints of too much server usage. I blame you visitors and all your damn clicking. But ours isn’t the only blog with a facelift -The Zombie Astonaut has rejiggered his Frequency Of Fear Lite podcast site with a new look. Says ZA:

As some of you may know, we edit the original wraparound stories into their very own self-contained audio drama (emphasis on the “audio”, not so much on the “drama”). They’ve been featured on the Sonic Society’s podcast, the Jack And Shannon Show. We also had a page set up for those with a link to the right, but frankly, the page sucked. I wasn’t crazy about the layout or how difficult it was to update, and Doc hated all the pastel colors I didn’t notice because I’m terribly colorblind. In came Dr. Wilheim Von Martinez to save the day! After accidentally re-inventing the Tofurkey, he set up a marvelous new Frequency Lite page, one that is more organized and allows for comments. We’ll be expanding the page to include character and actor bios, as well as other fun stuff. Check it out!

The Frequency Of Fear Lite

But that isn’t all, over on the regular site…

Frequency Of Fear

There is an unusual interview based episode created when the Zombie Astronaut visited “the first annual Indy Paracon, a paranormal convention in Danville, Indiana.” There, Zombie spoke with four different ghost hunters – Chris Dedman, Paul Browning (Clarksville Ghost Hunters), Michael D. McDonald (Kindred Moon Paranormal Society) and Sarah Neher (In Nomine Paranormal Research). They gave tips on the equipment ghost hunters need and how to protect yourself from the demonic possession (prayer).

I listened to the whole show and came away thinking that some of these folks the Zombie Astronaut interviews seem to think their hobby can be dangerous – I agree with this. And I speak with experience. Pretending can be dangerous. When I was a kid I spent a summer with a family friends’ kid. He was about 3 years older than me and really into wrestling TV shows – let me tell you a half-nelson suplex on an unsuspecting kid who doesn’t have cable TV and has no idea what a suplex was – let alone a half-nelson suplex – that is dangerous.

That said, as long as these ghost hunters are only pretending to experience the regular old melancholy apparitions who mope about in dark corners and say things like “my toys” rather than pretending the full-on Tobe Hooper style poltergeists – they’ll probably be okay. Of the guest who suggested prayer prior to all ghost hunting activities – I wish ZA would have asked one more question of him. Namely: If there is a prayer for the prevention of a broken collar-bone.

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