Update on StarShipSofa – in case you missed our first rave.

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Starship Sofa PodcastThe Starship Sofa podcast, the UK’s answer to The Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, and hosts, Tony and Ciaran, have nearly caught up to the Ninjas in terms of show output. Starship Sofa just posted their 18th show, and the Ninjas are at show #21. In terms of awesomeness, they are neck and neck. Check out this list of shows!

Shows so far:

Show # 1: Classic Author: Alfred Bester |MP3|
Show # 2: Classic Author: John Brunner |MP3|
Show # 3: Classic Author: Algis Budrys |MP3|
Show # 4: Classic Author: Cordwainer Smith |MP3|
Show # 5: Classic Author: Stanislaw Lem |MP3|
Show # 6: Classic Film: Dark Star |MP3|
Show # 7: Classic Author: Philip K. Dick (Part 1) |MP3|
Show # 8: Classic Author: Philip K. Dick (Part 2) |MP3|
Show # 9: Classic Author: Philip K. Dick (Part 3) |MP3|
Show # 10: Classic Film: Capricorn One |MP3|
Show # 11: Classic Author: Henry Kuttner |MP3|
Show # 12: Classic Author: Robert Silverberg |MP3|
Show # 13: Classic Author: Joe Haldeman |MP3|
Show # 14: Classic Author: L. Ron Hubbard |MP3|
Show # 15: Classic Author: Harlan Ellison |MP3|
Show # 16: Classic Author: Douglas Adams (Part 1) |MP3|
Show # 17: Classic Author: Douglas Adams (Part 2) |MP3|
Show # 18: Classic Author: Robert Sheckley |MP3|

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3 thoughts to “Update on StarShipSofa – in case you missed our first rave.”

  1. Tony Smith, the host of StarShipSofa, has deliberately removed all the files from his server. :(

    He sez they will be available for purchase soon.

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