The Time Traveler becomes CONTRIBUTING EDITOR for SFFaudio

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The Time Traveler Stop the Time Machine! I’m getting off. That could be taken more than one way, but we won’t go there (vibrations and all that).

Jesse Willis has asked me to join as a contributing editor. Obviously he thinks since I’m a time traveler, I’m a master of time. Also obviously, he’s insane. Because after I told him I had a day job, a family with little ones, a podcast, a business, and already a reviewer for, he still wanted me on board. Since time travel obviously addles the mind, I said in my dopiest voice “Okay!” Jesse suggested to try it on a trial basis to the first of the year. But unless the time patrol catches up to me, I’ll be around for a lot longer. Since Scott Danielson, co-creator of SFFaudio decided to depart this site, and Jesse hasn’t learned how to clone himself, yet; I’m here to step up and lend a hand.

Actually, I’m thrilled! This has been my home on the net for awhile now, and it just gets better and better, don’t you think? My first task as an editor is the receiver of review materials. Yes, I get to get the audiobooks to distribute to our legion of reviewers (well several anyways). If you have materials to be reviewed please contact me at [email protected]. Jesse and I are discussing some really exciting future content for this site. We hope you check back often, encourage you to use the RSS news feed, and find the best listens in Science Fiction and Fantasy audio.

Oh yeah! Since the time patrol is breathing down my back, I’ve created a shtick that I’m just as chronologically challenged as the rest of you. Some of you might think this as a shtick within a shtick, which is like a time paradox wrapped in an enigma. Anyways, under this new alias, you can call me Rick.

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  1. Let me be the first to say I’m really pleased to have you TT. At first I thought it was a little strange that I didn’t remember asking you to come on board (though I admit was thinking about it earlier this week). It all made a kind of sense though after you explained to me, as only a TRUE Time Traveler could, that I would be hiring you in the near future because you’d already been there and in that near future I’d asked you to join SFFaudio as a contributing editor. I was suprised but I probably shouldn’t have been. I guess I’ll have to set myself a note on the calendar to ask you sometime in the near future so that this present reality doesn’t disappear like grandfather paradoxed timestream. Ouch! — I’m getting a bit of a headache from trying to trace the causality — anyway, welcome aboard!

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