Uvula Audio presents: Doc Savage UNABRIDGED – The Man Of Bronze by Lester Dent

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Uvula AudioDr. James J. Campanella, the wonderful narrator of the wonderful The Merchant And The Alchemist’s Gate at StarShipSofa, has just premiered Lester Dent’s The Man of Bronze bookcast on his own podcast! Here’s the scoop:

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the first publication of the legendary pulp novel The Man of Bronze by Lester Dent, we will be presenting an audio bookcast of the novel starting May 9, 2008. Doc Savage, the hero of the novel, is the archetype for almost every major literary and film hero of the 20th Century including Superman, Batman, James Bond, and Buckaroo Banzai. Despite there being several radio shows of Doc over the last 70 years, this will be the first time that The Man of Bronze will be presented complete and unabridged.

Doc Jim sez:

“I’ve started with an introduction and history of the characters, author, and book– next week I will continue with the actual beginning of the story itself. The bookcast will be ‘dramatically enhanced with sound effects’ which is something I usually only edit into juvenile stories.”

Audiobook - Doc Savage: The Man Of BronzeDoc Savage: The Man Of Bronze
By Lester Dent; Read by James J. Campanella
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Uvula Audio Bookcast
Podcast: May 2008 – July 2008

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7 thoughts to “Uvula Audio presents: Doc Savage UNABRIDGED – The Man Of Bronze by Lester Dent”

  1. Readers should be aware that this podcast version of “The Man of Bronze” has not been approved or authorized by Conde Nast/Advance Magazine Publishers, the owners of the trademark to and classic novels of Doc Savage. The only fully authorized and licensed Doc Savage audiobook is “Python Isle”, recently released by RadioArchives.com – the first of a new series of pulp audiobooks that will soon also include the novels of The Spider, also licensed from the rights holder.

  2. Readers should be aware that there is no commercially available audiobook of THE MAN OF BRONZE and that none has been approved or published by Conde Naste/Advance Magazine Publishers.

    Readers should also be aware that a trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used to identify that the products or services to consumers with which the trademark appears originate from. It is a unique source, and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities.

    In other words, trademarks are not copyrights.

    Does Conde Nast/Advance Magazine Publishers claim to have the copyright to the 1933 novel THE MAN OF BRONZE?

  3. To Jessie Willis:

    Yes, there is a difference between trademark and copyright. Regardless of how one plays “gotcha,” the fact is that the Doc Savage novels by Lester Dent & Co. are not public domain.

    Street and Smith received copyright stemming from their initial publication as serialized works in magazine form. Copyright information is as follows:

    DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE. (c) Street & Smith Publications, Inc. (PCW)
    v.l, no. 1-2, Mar.-Apr. 1933.
    (c) 17Feb33, B181327; 17Mar33, B183682. {{1Apr60; R254774-254775.}}
    v.1, no. 3-5, May-July 1933. (c) 21Apr33, Bl8.7624; 19May33, B189968; 16Jun33, B193269. {{7Jul60; R259595-259597.}}

    Note the renewals of copyright in 1960 (in curly brackets) — one year after Conde Nast bought Street & Smith. Conde Nast is a subsidiary of Advance Publications Inc.

    So, copyright intact, and this audiobook production — while done from admiration and respect for the original material — is not actually what you’d call legit. (Hey, see what fifteen minutes with Google can get you?)

  4. Aw man… A typo. While moderating, could you please fix it? It should be “one” and not “onw” as in:

    . Regardless of how one plays “gotcha,”

    Thanks —

  5. It looks like it depends on what country you’re in. Gutenberg Australia has DOC SAVAGE novels as PD:



    I’m not familiar with the series but there are probably more there. An interested party could probably find out the entire list by looking at this


    and doing a title search on Gutenberg Australia.

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