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Only two more chapters are left to go before the latest Liaden Universe novel by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is entirely available as a podcast novel. I listened and reviewed the first novel in this series, it was released by Buzzy Multimedia. This is about the 12th novel in the series (it’s hard to tell exactly), but as the official website says:

Fledgling is a “side book.” A “side book” is a book that is coincidental to the main action of a series, which is expected to be of little interest, except to stalwart fans — and to the authors.

There are also plans to release the next novel (Saltation) as a podcast too. If you’re a Liaden Universe addict you probably already know about this, if you’re not, have a listen to a few chapters of this podcast – those who love it, REALLY LOVE IT!

Fledgling (a Liaden Universe novel)Fledgling (a Liaden Universe novel)
By Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Read by Sam Chupp
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Fledgling Podcast
Podcast: January 2007 – ???? 2008
This is the story of Theo Waitley and how she came to have a “kind of complicated” problem to lay before the delm of Korval.

You can subscribe to the podcast via this feed:


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