Uvula Audio presents: Spacehounds of IPC by E.E. “Doc” Smith

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Uvula AudioDr. James J. Campanella, he of Uvula Audio and the recently completed The Man Of Bronze audiobook fame, will be beginning a new novel of interest to fans of pulp space opera and E.E. “Doc” Smith. Spacehounds of IPC – A Tale Of The Inter-Planetary Corporation begins podcast on Friday, July 11th 2008. Jim sez of it:

“I’ve started this new story with a short introduction and the first chapter. Since this is the ‘adult’ podcast, there will be no cutesy sound-effects– although lord knows it is hard to read, or listen, straight to something like that from 1931 without a bit of an eye roll.”

Personally I’m always happy when the SFX are left out of an unabridged reading – and though Smith’s style hasn’t really held up what he lacks in modernity he makes up for in rarin’ enthusiasm and accelerating ideas. I’ll be listening!

Uvula Audio - Spacehounds Of IPC - A Tale Of The Inter-Planetary Corporation by E.E. “Doc” SmithSpacehounds of IPC – A Tale Of The Inter-Planetary Corporation
By E.E. “Doc” Smith; Read by James J. Campanella
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Uvula Audio
Podcast: July 2008 – ????
The novel concerns a spaceliner that is wrecked on a satellite of Jupiter where alien races are encountered.

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