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Wormwood Season 2 - CrossroadsWormwood Season 2 is active and well underway!!!

So what’s Wormwood? And why are you so excited about it?

Well, Wormwood is one of the coolest audio dramas I’ve ever heard. It features a large cast of characters who reside in a small town called “Wormwood” – this is the kind of place H.P. Lovecraft would have lived in if he’d moved to California. Last season, the mysterious Xander Crowe, who sports a mysteriously withered hand, arrived in town chasing after a vision he had of a drowned woman. He closed in on the mystery near the season finale, but that only brought many new questions – all scary.

Some quick advice before listening:

1. Be sure to put on your brown trousers.
2. Listen only during daylight hours.
3. Don’t listen alone!

The new season is subtitled “Crossroads,” here’s the teaser |MP3| and here are the first 6 episodes:

Season 2 Episode 1 |MP3| One Month Later
Season 2 Episode 2 |MP3| The Rescue
Season 2 Episode 3 |MP3| The Missing Month (part 1)
Season 2 Episode 4 |MP3| Thinning (part 1)
Season 2 Episode 5 |MP3| A Sentimental Nature
Season 2 Episode 6 |MP3| Ghosthunters Of Wormwood

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