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LibriVoxReleased just yesterday, there’s a brand new audiobook in the ever expanding LibriVox catalogue that should draw many a happy ear. Edgar Rice Burrough’s The Land That Time Forgot follows in the long tradition of literature about myserious/lost/previously unknown areas of the Earth visited by regular folks who then write about it, put it in a bottle and then cast it into the sea. In reading The Land That Time Forgot you’ll feel its roots in Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, Poe’s The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym and De Mille’s A Strange Manuscript Found In A Copper Cylinder.

LibriVox Science Fiction Audiobook - The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Land That Time Forgot
By Edgar Rice Burroughs; Read by Ralph Snelson
10 Zipped MP3s or Podcast -3 Hours 50 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: August 2008
The Land That Time Forgot is a science fiction novel, the first of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Caspak” trilogy. His working title for the story was “The Lost U-Boat.” Starting out as a harrowing wartime sea adventure, the story ultimately develops into that of a fantastical lost world.

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  1. Cool! I notice it’s by the same reader who read Pellucidar. He has a pleasant voice, should be good. Surprisingly, I haven’t read this one yet but the old Doug McClure movie was decent enough. Love the Burroughs page.

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