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Tales Of The Red Panda

Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theater has recorded the first three chapters of his first Red Panda novel Tales of The Red Panda: The Crime Cabal! This isn’t audio drama, this is AUDIOBOOK! The print release is already available for pre-order, but I’m going to be lobbying hard for a full unabridged release. If that whole acting gig on RP doesn’t work out Taylor can begin an audiobook narrating career based on this sample alone. Check out the three chapter sneak peak audio version |MP3|.

Posted by Jesse Willis

4 thoughts to “Red Panda novel audiobook preview”

  1. …lol… I’m glad you liked it – my only previous narration was an episode of Escape Pod, so I’m glad it played well.

    For the immediate future I’ll just be concentrating on selling the book and keeping our audio dramas rolling… though if the book does well, I could see releasing an unabridged audio of Crime Cabal through Podiobooks as a promotion for a Second TOTRP title… (but like I say, the first one would have to actually sell for that to fly!)

  2. Might have shot myself in the foot here, as I’m getting the sense that some folks are waiting for the free audiobook. In case it’s unclear; “waiting for the free audiobook” is not at all what happens to create a state in which the book has sold well enough to justify my creating a free audiobook. At all.

  3. Well–I’m a new Red Panda fan (found it ages ago after an Escapepod
    episode, then just re-found it…) but a long-time fan of OTR. I would
    buy an unabridged MP3 audiobook. I would even buy a PDF Ebook. I
    probably wouldn’t buy a printed and bound copy (because scanning it
    into my computer to have it read out (I’m blind, so can’t read ink on
    dead trees without some intermediate step), well, I just would rather
    not have to bother with that…) So throw my vote in the hat, to mix a

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