UPDATE: This has been moved up a day to Wednesday,…

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UPDATE: This has been moved up a day to Wednesday, January 7.

Robert J. Sawyer will be cohosting the full two hours of CBC Radio’s Toronto afternoon drive-time show “Hear and Now” with Avril Benoit on Thursday, January 8, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. “Hear and Now” is carried live on CBC Radio One Toronto, 99.1 FM, and is available through the Internet here.

Also, the radio show “Sci-Fi Overdrive” last week featured an interview with Robert J. Sawyer, and this week includes an interview with Orson Scott Card. The SciFiOverdrive website makes archived shows available for streaming.

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Happy New Year! I’ve been experiencing a growin…

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Happy New Year!

I’ve been experiencing a growing appreciation for audio drama – I’ve always liked them, but lately I’ve been enjoying a renewed enthusiasm for the medium. Here are several good links to check out:

The Crazy Dog Audio Theatre has a list of the “greatest productions conceived specifically for audio” called The Masterpiece Gallery. Find it here.

The folks who bring us the Mark Time Award have a Science Fiction Audio Hall of Fame. Find it here.

A great place to buy Audio Drama is ZBS, the home of Meatball Fulton of Ruby fame.

Yuri Rasovsky, audio dramatist extraordinaire, has a website full of good stuff. Find it here. Some items of interest include an online text called The Well-Tempered Audio Dramatist: Producing Audio Plays in the 21st Century, reprints of some excellent Yurika! essays from Audiofile Magazine, and a list of his currently available productions.

And here is an essay by Yuri Rasovsky on the Audiofile magazine website called Audio Drama Today, which includes his “Audio Drama A-List” – ten accessible, enjoyable audio dramas.


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CBC Radio One’s The Current aired a story about ev…

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CBC Radio One’s The Current aired a story about everybody’s favorite metaphysical Science Fiction author this morning, Philip K. Dick. If you missed it you can listen to the whole thing by following this link (you’ll need a RealPlayer). You’ll also need to spin ahead to the 6:45 mark of the audio clip to get to the start of the PKD story. It lasts about 16 minutes and features sound clips from the 1970’s Hour 25 interview with PKD (previously posted on SFFAudio). Talk about Dick’s influence and more! Enjoy.

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