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Science Fiction Audiobook - Inhumanity Quest by T. Ray GordonInhumanity Quest
By T. Ray Gordon; Read by Richard Sellers
1 CD – 72 Minutes [ABRIDGED]
Publisher: Apex Audio Theatre
Published: 2005
UPC: 701376151425
Described as: “[An] audio book audio drama/science fiction/adventure. In the distant future a war for the survival of humanity rages. The enemy is powerful and ruthless and will stop at nothing to ensure mankinds extermination.”

Horror Audiobook - Jeffrey Combs Read H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West Re-AnimatorJeffrey Combs Read H.P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West Re-Animator
By H.P. Lovecraft; Read by Jeffrey Combs
1 CD – 72 Minutes [ABRIDGED]
Published: 1999
UPC: 619981033428
Described as: “‘The Herbert West-Reanimator’ serial was six gruesome tales inspired by Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, and was a group of stories Lovecraft considered to be his ‘poorest work – stuff done to order for a vulgar magazine, and written down to the herd’s level.’ Contrary to Lovecraft’s opinion of his own work, Re-animator is a very enjoyable macabre tale filled with suspense and dread.”

Audiobook - Infidel by Roger GreggInfidel
By Roger Gregg; Performed by a Full Cast
2 CDs – 72 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Publisher: Crazy Dog Audio Theatre
Published: 2006
UPC: 69232098568
Described as: “Infidel takes place in the early 13th century during the Fifth Crusade. In the context of the factual history of the Crusade, Infidel tells the fictional story of brothers Hugh and Philip of Beauvais, and Omar, the youngest son of the sultan and to whom Hugh becomes a tutor and unlikely friend.” *Given the historical setting this may not strictly fit into the fantasy category but Crazy Dog does audio drama right. It should be fun.

Danse Macabre - An Anita Lake, Vampire Hunter NovelDanse Macabre – An Anita Lake, Vampire Hunter Novel
By Laurell K. Hamilton; Read by Cynthia Holloway
18 CDs – Approx. 21 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published: 2006
ISBN: 1596008687
Described as: “These days, Anita Blake is less interested in vampire politics than in an ancient, ordinary dread she shares with women down the ages: she may be pregnant. And, if she is, whether the father is a vampire, a werewolf, or someone else entirely, he knows perfectly well that being a Federal Marshal known for raising the dead and being a vampire executioner, is no way to bring up a baby. “

Armageddon's Children by Terry BrooksArmageddon’s Children
By Terry Brooks; Read by Dick Hill
12 CDs – Approx. 14 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published: 2006
ISBN: 1423322568
Described as: “[A] gripping chronicle of a once-familiar world now spun shockingly out of control, in which an extraordinary few struggle to salvage hope in the face of terrifying chaos. Logan Tom is doomed to remember the past and determined to rescue the future. Far behind him lies a boyhood cut violently short by his family’s slaughter, when the forces of madness and hate swept our world after decadent excesses led to civilization’s downfall. Somewhere ahead of him rests the only chance to beat back the minions of evil that are systematically killing and enslaving the last remnants of humanity. Navigating the scarred and poisoned landscape that once was America and guided by a powerful talisman, Logan has sworn an oath to seek out a remarkable being born of magic, possessed of untold abilities, and destined to lead the final fight against darkness.”

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