SFSignal Podcast (Episode 070): Panel Discussion of Favorite Podcasts

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SFSignal PodcastSFSignal Podcast #70 features me and six other folks very quickly discussing Science Fiction (and other) podcasts. Unfortunately I think a lot of the best stuff came after the actual podcast ended. At least that’s the part of the discussion I enjoyed most. As a part of that I also invited Matthew Sanborn Smith to participate in an upcoming new releases and recent arrivals podcast.

In episode 70 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks our irregulars: Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones, and do you listen to fiction podcasts?

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I took notes and think I got most of the podcasts that were mentioned:

The Cthulhu podcast
Lightspeed magazine podcast
Forgotten Classics
The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast

Fred Kiesche (of the Lensmen’s Children blog):
Escape Pod
Beware Of The Hairy Mango
The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast
The History Of Rome
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
The Incomparable! podcast
Geek Life
Writing Excuses
Adventures In SciFi Publishing
The Tolkien Professor
The D6 Generation
The Nerdist
The Command Line
Living Proof Brewcast
365 Days Of Astronomy
Quirks And quarks
The Naked Scientist

Jeff Patterson (of the Gravity Lens blog):
The Nerdist
-The Doctor Who Cast
Changesurfer Radio

John DeNardo (of SFSignal.com):
Functional Nerds
Beware Of The Hairy Mango
Notes From Coode Street
StarShip Sofa
The Skiffy And Fanty Show

Paul Weimer (of Blog, Jvstin Style):
Russian Rulers Podcast
Ancient Rome Refocused
the Speculate! Podcast
Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
Three Moves Ahead

Matthew Sanborn Smith (of Beware Of The Hairy Mango podcast):
StarShip Sofa
The Tobolowsky Files
Tank Riot
Around Comics
The New Yorker Fiction Podcast
Luke’s Creative Podcast
Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas
I Should Be Writing

Patrick Hester (of SFSignal.com):
Seattle Geekly
Dragon Page
Adam Carolla
Slice Of SciFi
The Babylon Podcast
The Geekdad
Mac Tech Break

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