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James Patrick Kelly has teamed up with Audible.com to launch a for-pay podcast called StoryPod. Audible’s StoryPod 1.0 subscribers will get thirteen stories delivered weekly (for $16.95 USD).

There are three more thirteen story sequences set to follow too! Over the course of the next year Kelly will read fifty-two of his previously-published stories.
Jim writes:

“This project grew out of my Free Reads podcast, which will continue with a reading of my novel Look Into The Sun. I do all the production myself. In effect, I have become my own publisher of audiobooks. The idea behind StoryPod is to mashup the traditional audiobook and the new form of podcasting. I introduce each story, read it and then in an afterword I discuss some of the ideas behind the story, or talk about how it came to be written.”

StoryPod 1.0 kicks-off with Kelly’s Hugo and Nebula nominated story Rat. Forthcoming in the first thirteen week sequence will be Hugo finalist Bernardo’s House (available through Free Reads and reviewed previously), Standing In Line With Mister Jimmy, Solstice (available through Infinivox) and Mr. Boy, The Leila Torn Show, The Edge of Nowhere (previously available through Free Reads), The Dark Side of Town, and more.

Audible Daily Deal is The Vor Game by Lois McMaster Bujold

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Audible.com has posted a daily special ($9.95) on Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Vor Game. This was a Hugo award winner (“Best Novel of 1991”), and we reviewed it last year. It was also a 2005 Audie Award Nominee.

Here’s the outline:

Miles Vorkosigan graduates from the Barrayaran Military Academy with high expectations of ship command, but is disappointed with an assignment as meteorologist to Lazkowski Base, an arctic training camp. His tenure in the windy, snow-covered north is cut short when Miles narrowly averts a massacre between the trigger-happy base commander and mutinous recruits. After a brief stay under ‘house arrest’, Miles is re-assigned to investigate a suspicious military build-up near a wormhole nexus. Reviving his undercover persona as mercenary Admiral Miles Naismith, his routine information-gathering duty expands to a rescue mission when the Emperor of Barrayar disappears during a political conference on a nearby space station. Miles must use his considerable negotiating skills to avoid a showdown between competing powers for control of the wormhole, find the Emperor, and watch his back for the arctic base commander seeking bloody vengeance.

Free First Chapter of Peter Pan in Scarlet at Audible

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Audible.comThe first chapter of Peter Pan in Scarlet, the new authorized sequel to J. M. Barrie’s classic children’s story, is available as a download from the Audible Free Audio RSS feed.

Peter Pan in ScarletPeter Pan in Scarlet
By Geraldine McCaughrean; Read by Tim Curry
ISBN: 0743564537
6 CDs – 7 hours 16 minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio

Tim Curry reads excerpts from both Peter Pan in Scarlet and Peter Pan in the October 5, 2006 Simon Says Podcast. You can get this episode by iTunes subscription or through the RSS feed or from this mp3 file. A 90-minute dramatized version of the book aired on BBC Radio 4 as described in the October 10, 2006 SFFaudio post.

Author Geraldine McCaughrean spoke about Peter Pan in Scarlet on Eye to Eye with Katie Couric. Podcasts of the October 4, 2006 interview can be downloaded from the CBS News RSS feeds.

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