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Cory DoctorowHere’s our latest Author Focus and it is on Cory Doctorow. I got to meet Cory Doctorow at WorldCon 2006 but I’ve been listening to his work for years! He’s a dynamo in real life too by the way. Cory’s an audiobook fan, so it is very appropriate for him to have as much of his fiction available in audio as he does. Being that he is also a proponent of the free culture movement it is thus doubly appropriate that all his audio fiction is available for free!

Craphound: The Literary Works of Cory DoctorowThe largest collection of audio fiction comes from his podcast Craphound: The Literary Works of Cory Doctorow you can subscribe to it by using this feed:

Here is a complete listing of the short works he’s podcast so far:

After The SeigeAfter The Siege
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
Podcast: September – October 2005
Mp3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|Part 7|Part 8|Part 9|
“[After the Siege is]a novelette I’m writing on long-haul flight segments, in 2-5,000 word chunks, for an anthology of optimisitic sf stories. It’s inspired by my grandmother’s stories of living throug the Siege of Leningrad, which she told during a family reunion in St Petersburg, Russia, last summer.”

When Sysadmins Ruled The EarthWhen Sysadmins Ruled The Earth
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
Podcast: October – November 2005
Mp3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|
When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth [is] a new story about an apocalypse that arrives on the heels of a catastrophic Internet worm. When the trump sounds, the world’s systems administrators are all in their sealed data-centers, and so they survive the carnage.”

Anda's GameAnda’s Game
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Alice Taylor
Podcast: January 2006
Mp3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part3|
“…a reading of Anda’s Game, my Nebula-Award-shortlisted story about in-game sweatshops.”

Human ReadableHuman Readable
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
7 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: January – February 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|Part 7|
“…the tale of a world that’s been upended by hyper-efficient planning algorithms based on ant-colony optimizations, so that Los Angeles has the best traffic in the world. However, when these networks crash, they really crash — cars, surfboards, and many other common conveyances end up catastrophically failing, with concomitant loss of life.”

I, RobotI, Robot
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
Podcast: February 2006
Mp3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|
“It’s [a novelette, that is] a riff on Asimov’s robots stories, in which only one kind of robot is allowed — I tried to use this to show how such a world would be one of universal, totalitarian Broadcast Flags, technology mandates that restrict innovation and liberty.”

Return To Pleasure IslandReturn To Pleasure Island
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
4 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: February – March 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|
“…a dark and mean fantasy story that was originally published in Realms of Fantasy…”

Nimby And The D-HoppersNimby And The D-Hoppers
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
3 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: March – April 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|
“…the story of a deep-green alternate future that is being invaded by gun-totin’ yahoos from alternate planes of reality…”

Shadow Of The MothashipShadow Of The Mothaship
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
3 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: April – May 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|
“A strange, stylised Scientology/Alien-Invasion/Oedipus story.”

Home Again, Home AgainHome Again, Home Again
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
3 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: May 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|
“…a sequel (of sorts) to Shadow of the Mothaship … This one is the autobiography of a child raised in an alien-imposed mental institution, and the mentorship he received from The Guy Who Thought He Was Nikola Tesla.”

Super-Man And The BugoutSuper-Man And The Bugout
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
3 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: May 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|
“…a superhero story that asks what would have happened if Kal-el had landed in suburban Toronto and been raised by an old Jewish couple. It’s the conclusion of the triad of stories comprised by Shadow of the Mothaship and Home Again, Home Again, about the Canadian response to the invasion of benevolent Scientologist aliens.”

Visit The SinsVisit The Sins
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
2 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: June 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|
“This story deals with attention deficit disorder, the effect that cognitive problems have on families, and how your mental state and your technology are intimately related.”

I, Row-boatI, Row-Boat
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
4 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: June – July 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|
“…a story about a theological dispute between an artifically intelligent Asimov three-laws cultist and an uplifted coral reef.”

By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
3 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: August 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|
“…an indirect sequel to my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom… a parable about warez groups and Napster, about generation war and the trouble with power-laws.”

By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
4 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: September 2006
MP3 Files: |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|
A Nebula award nominated short story. “a story about trusted computing, geek culture, and getting root on your body.”

Cory has also sold one story to Escape Pod:

Podcast - Escape PodCraphound
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Jesse Thorn
1 Mp3 File – [UNABRIDGED]
Mp3 File: HERE
“Aliens have once again decided to visit Earth in this lighthearted romp. Rather than having conquest on their minds, they merely wish to visit, and explore. Jerry is a junk dealer, a collector, a pack rat of crap and antiques and memorabilia, depending on your point of view.”

Even before podcasting existed Cory took time to record one of his stories and post it on his website:

Science Fiction Audiobooks - To Market, To Market: The Branding of Billy Bailey by Cory DoctorowTo Market, To Market: The Branding of Billy Bailey©
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Cory Doctorow
FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD – 23 Minutes 37 Seconds [UNABRIDGED]
Published: 2001
Themes: / Science Fiction / Dystopia / Humor / Satire /

Billy Bailey was the finest heel the sixth grade had ever seen — a true artisan who kept his brand pure and unsullied, picking and managing his strategic alliances with the utmost care and acumen. He’d dumped BanginBumpin Fireworks (a division of The Shanghai Novelty Company, Ltd.) in the _fourth_ grade, fer chrissakes. Their ladyfingers were too small to bother with; their M-80s were so big that you’d have to be a lunatic to go near them.

Mark Forman’s Podcast:

Down And Out In The Magic KingdomDown And Out In The Magic Kingdom
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Mark Forman
9 MP3 Files – 7 Hours 37 minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Getting A Leg Up
Podcast: August – September 2005
MP3 Files: |Prologue and Chapter 1| Chapter 2|Chapter 3|Chapter 4|Chapter 5|Chapter 6|Chapter 7|Chapter 8|Chapters 9 & 10|

Doctorow’s first novel, a Locus Award winner and a Nebula nominee. “It concerns the machinations of technologically immortals who have occupied Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion and who aim to preserve it from the depredations of modernizers who would renovate it.”

Voices In The Dark:

Down And Out In The Magic KingdomDown And Out In The Magic Kingdom
By Cory Doctorow; Read by Sean Puckett
11 MP3 Files – Approx. 7 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
SOURCE: Voices In The Dark

MP3 Files: |Prologue|Chapter 1|Chapter 2|Chapter 3|Chapter 4|Chapter 5|Chapter 6|Chapter 7|Chapter 8|Chapters 9|Chapter 10|

A near-future science fiction tale. In a society where death has been cured, how do you deal with boredom?

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Balticon Podcast’s Exclusive Scoop: From Worldcon, The Hugo Loser’s Party

SFFaudio @ Worldcon 2006

The Balticon PodcastPaul Fischer from the Balticon Podcast has posted an exclusive podcast recorded at the Hugo Loser’s Party (AKA The Hugo Nominees party) held at LACON IV (Worldcon 2006). Paul talked to some big names, David Brin, Robert Silverberg, Cory Doctorow, James Patrick Kelly, Peter S. Beagle and Ellen Datlow

Download the MP3 HERE or subscribe to the podcast via this feed:

Maine Radio Show plays previously podcast Science Fiction

Online Audio

Podcast - Beam Me UpPaul Cole and Ron Huber host a local radio show on WRFR (93.3 FM) in Rockland, ME called Beam Me Up. On their show they discuss Science and Science Fiction from sources like “movies, audio, radio, books and music.” The show airs on Sundays between 4 & 5pm (EST). There, they interview Science Fiction readers, talk about Science Fiction news and play unabridged fiction from podcast sources like Escape Pod and Craphound (Cory Doctorow’s podcast).

If you aren’t in mid-coast Maine, or even if you are, you can subscribe to the podcast via this feed:

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Voices: New Media Fiction is the first podiobook…


Voices New Media Fiction LogoVoices: New Media Fiction is the first podiobook anthology, the brainchild of podcast legend Mur Lafferty. Chock full of spec-fic goodness this is a new collection of previously podcast fiction. When completed there will be stories from Jared Axelrod of The Voice Of Free Planet X, Patrick McLean of The Seanachai, Paul S. Jenkins of The Rev-Up Review, James Patrick Kelly of Free Reads, Jason Erik Lundberg of Lies and Little Deaths and J.R. Blackwell of 365 Tommorows, as well as the ubiquitous Cory Doctorow, and another 10 more!

The official announcement reads as follows:

“Milestone! We’re very happy to announce the release of Voices: New Media Fiction. Voices is edited by Mur Lafferty, and is only available from It is also our 30th book

Voices: New Media Fiction brings together the pioneer short fiction podcasters. Experimenting from putting short-short fiction to novellas over their podcasts, these writers were the first to test the new medium for storytelling. Some wrote specifically for podcasts, some read previously published fiction, and some read entirely new stories. Some listeners asked if they could get just the stories in audio form, and that request brought about this podiobook. Cory Doctorow tells us a story about a post-apocalyptic government run by sysadmins and James Patrick Kelly narrates a story of a strange reconciliation. We’ve collected 18 stories for you, the first short fiction to go out over podcast, and look forward to bringing you more.”

Stories already available from the collection include:

Wolf in the Park
By Patrick McLean
A man is hunted – or is it haunted – by a monstrous wolf.

Barry Koleman, Hero
By Mur Lafferty
Barry grows up a bitter man, denied the superpowers that are his birthright.

The Journey of Jonathan Cave
By Paul S. Jenkins
Jonathan awakens from stasis to discover he’s on the last journey of his life.

Pandas Just Want to be Dogs
By Jared Axlerod
A man discusses desires and extinction with a panda.

Anda’s Game
By Cory Doctorow
A young girl realizes there’s more to her online gameplaying than just looting and leveling.

Commentary: Back in 1947

SFFaudio Commentary

Back in 1947, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists first informed the world what time it was on the “Doomsday Clock“. Since then, the minute hand of that clock has moved forward and back to reflect the subjective level of nuclear danger and the state of global security. I suggest we SF & F fans institute another clock, one for which we can easily see the subjective coolness of the times in which we are living. When Sci Fiction closes it’s doors the “uncoolness clock” hand sweeps 5 minutes towards Midnight, when Charles Stross writes another awesome story it sweeps the clock’s hand back a minute. Everybody on board with the idea?

Good. Now I have a candidate for sweeping the hand back a minute. Here’s the argument:

We should sweep the hand of the “uncoolness clock” back for reason of Escape Pod. Escape Pod is our favorite Science Fiction Podcast Magazine. It’s been scoring coup after coup in the game of audio Science Fiction coolness at least once a week for more than six months and without fail. And it’s really starting to get popular. Just look at the evidence:

1. Escape Pod got mentioned in the February 2006 issue of the venerable Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine (along with SFFaudio and TellTaleWeekly). Very Cool!

2. E-Pod got a post a few months back – with BoingBoing being the single most popular blog on the internet – the furtive attention of which has crashed many a server due to the mass of click-throughs. Way Cool!

3. Just two weeks ago Escape Pod podcast a Scott Sigler short story entitled Hero. Significant in that Sigler is the only podcast novelist so far with two podiobooks available (EarthCore and Ancestor) both of which encroach on a five digit subscribership. Damn cool!

4. And finally, we come to today’s instalment of Escape Pod, a short story, by maverick Science Fiction author Cory Doctorow entitled Craphound. Keener cool!

That’s four cool reasons why Escape Pod is worthy of sweeping the “uncoolness clock” back a minute from midnight. But perhaps the best reason is E-Pod’s quality, there’s never been a bad story on Escape Pod, with more than 40 tales under the whimisical editorial hand of Steve Eley that’s really saying something. Oh ya and it’s 100% FREE!

So what I’m saying is nuclear annihilation may still loom over us all but I’m telling you thing’s are still really cool in the Science Fiction department. You cool with that?

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Hi, all – Scott here. I was recently asked what p…

SFFaudio Commentary

Hi, all – Scott here. I was recently asked what podcast feeds I subscribe to. The answer sounded like a good post, so here it is – I’ll twist Jesse’s arm for his subscribed list, too.

Dragon Page – Cover to Cover
Dragon Page – Wingin’ It
Michael and Evo’s Slice of Sci Fi

Evo Terra and Michael R. Mennenga host all three of these shows, which are easily the most professional science fiction-related podcasts out there. Cover to Cover features author interviews and book news, Slice of Sci Fi focuses mainly on television and films, and Wingin’ It is 100% format free!

The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas
Only two podcasts in, and this is my favorite podcast. The ninjas are Summer Brooks and Joe Murphy, and they talk “old-school” SF and Fantasy. The first show was about Dan Simmons’ Hyperion, and the second featured Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. Looks like Zelazny’s Lord of Light is next. Summer and Joe can also be heard on some of the The Dragon Page broadcasts.

Escape Pod
Stephen Eley has really put together something special here. Escape Pod is an excellent audio science fiction magazine with high quality stories that sound great. I enjoy Eley’s introductions as well, which have ranged from “Go see Serenity” sermons to discussions of copyright. He makes me chuckle often, and I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose.

Aaron Macom hosts this show, which is really just him talking about whatever the heck he feels like talking about. Most of the time, his topics relate to science fiction media, but his forays into other subjects are just as interesting.

Treks in SciFi
Rich Dostie (Rico) talks Star Trek – mostly. I was happy to find this podcast because I am a Trek fan and this is the closest thing to a Star Trek-only podcast that I’ve found. Rico highlights an episode of Trek in each podcast, and talks about collectibles and other related stuff. The Literary Works of Cory Doctorow
This is Cory Doctorow, reading his own work wherever he happens to be. Great stuff.

The fine folks at ZBS are podcasting Ruby 1 – I urge you to check it out if you’ve never heard it. Every day, this feed delivers the next short segment of Ruby 1. As I understand it, it was originally broadcast in these short segments on NPR.

And that’s it! I listen to these on my PC (if I’m sitting there) or on my Palm Zire 31, which features an excellent MP3 player. (That reminds me – I’ve been meaning to prepare a post on listening devices.) Last week, I dropped a few podcasts because I simply am out of time. I still have audiobooks to listen to, ya know? Thanks to all of the above for podcasting.

I use iPodder (Juice Receiver) to download all these shows.

Download Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver

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