Special Guest-voice on Upcoming 7th Son Chapter

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7th Son Book TwoI just received word from author J.C. Hutchins that coming up on the November 14th chapter of 7th Son Book 2: Deceit, there will be a voice to make every Browncoat on the planet go weak in the knees (and that includes male Browncoats!). Actor Nathan Fillion! For the five or so people who may not know yet, Nathan Fillion is best known for his role as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the short-lived Firefly television series, and Serenity movie.

“It’s an absolute honor to have Nathan on the podcast,” Hutchins said. “Folks best know him as a well-grounded hero in a science-fiction epic. 7th Son — a reality-driven sci-fi thriller — is a good fit for his cameo. The current listenership of 7th Son will love his ‘previously on’ reading … but this provides a terrific reason for new listeners to hop aboard.”

Well, you know that this Browncoat AND 7th Son fan will be all ears…

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7th Son: Deceit Podcast Novel Launch Crashes SECOND LIFE

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7th Son: Deceit -Second Life ScreenshotAccording to J.C. Hutchins’ Skype message, yesterday’s Second Life launch party for his new podcast novel 7th Son – Book Two – Deceit crashed the server it was held on! Doubtless the giant clone army of listeners teleporting in that was the cause! Or maybe it was that pesky Kilroy 2.0? Congrats Hutch! I look forward to hearing the new novel when it officially syndicates on September 26th.

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And if you somehow missed it, the complete run of 7th Son – Book One – Descent is up on J.C.’s website.

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Launch Party for 7th Son, Book Two

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7th SonThis just in from the Master of all things cloned, J.C. Hutchins:

Find the world of 7th Son … in-world

Six months ago, the 7th Son sci-fi podiobook trilogy began: Seven clones were ripped away from their “normal” lives to hunt a ruthless criminal — the man they were cloned from, the man who masterminded the assassination of the President … John Alpha.

Listeners met John, Father Thomas, Kilroy 2.0, Michael and the other Beta clones. They watched the conspiracy of John Alpha emerge. It was all a story, it wasn’t real.

But for one night … it will be.

On Saturday, Sept. 23, 7th Son fans can become a part of podcast history. They’ll enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of 7th Son, Book Two: Deceit. It’s the first-ever launch party for a podcast novel in the online community Second Life, and everyone’s invited. Folks can meet author J.C. Hutchins in-world, and listen to interviews about Book Two they won’t find anywhere else. Listeners will learn about the upcoming novel, and get hints of the plot twists to come. They’ll even get to hear the first chapter of Deceit days before it’s released as a podcast.

And they’ll see fiction given dimension. In-world, 7th Son fans can step into the memorable “Womb” cloning chamber from Book One: Descent, where the story’s heroes were born. Fans can see the clones. They can be a clone. It’s a new life, there in Second Life.

The party starts at 7 pm Second Life time (10pm EST, 7pm PST) on Saturday Sept. 23, at the Podcast Island. Podcast Island is the Second Life community of Podcast Pickle. As always, the 7th Son experience won’t cost you a dime — all you need is a Second Life account, available for free at secondlife.com.

Fans joined the Descent. Now they can fight the Deceit. All are encouraged to visit Podcast Island at 7pm SL time on Sept. 23 to experience 7th Son for the first time … a second time.

7th Son, Book Two: Deceit debuts on Tuesday, Sept. 26th. The story will be available at jchutchins.net and at Podiobooks.com.

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by more than 297,400 people from around the globe.

From the moment you enter the World you’ll discover a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity. Sign up at secondlife.com/join. It’s free!

Podcast Island was created by Gary “P. Dilly” Leland, the founder and owner of the Podcast Pickle podcast directory. Everyone is welcome on Podcast Island; podcasters and listeners as well as those not yet familiar with podcasting. This island exists as as a meeting place and virtual directory dedicated to bringing podcasting into the virtual realm of Second Life.

How to get to Podcast Island:
When you enter Second Life, simply click on the Search button near the bottom of your screen and select the “Places” tab at the top. Then enter in “Podcast Island” for a search term. There will be a button on the results which will allow you to teleport directly to the island … and to the party.


For more informaton, please contact J.C. Hutchins at [email protected]. Visit jchutchins.net for additional news about the 7th Son podiobook trilogy.

The Time Traveler Show # 6: More Philip K. Dick and J.C. Hutchins!

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Podcast - The Time Traveler ShowThe Time Traveler Show podcast #6 is available for download now. The featured tale is another Philip K. Dick short story that has never before been adapted for audio. It’s called The Gun and is read by Michael Bekemeyer. It is a very early PKD short story, his second, and it is a parable for its age, 1952. The guest on the show is J.C. Hutchins, host of the Podiobooker podcast as well as the author of our recently reviewed 7th Son: Descent.

The Time Travler Show Podcast - The Gun by Philip K. DickThe Gun
By Philip K. Dick; Read by Michael Bekemeyer
1 Mp3 File – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcast: September 2006
Podcaster: TheTimeTravelerShow.com

A human spaceship encounters a strange planet that is giving off intense nuclear radiation. As the ship draws closer to the planet, the crew sees what appears to be a destroyed city and are shot at and forced to land. They find a strangely familiar tableau on the planet below.

To read the complete show notes for podcast #6 click HERE or download the show MP3 directly by clicking HERE.

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Review of 7th Son Book One by J.C. Hutchins

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7th Son Book One7th Son Book One: Descent
By J.C. Hutchins; Read by J.C. Hutchins
Podcast Novel – Approx. 16 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: J.C. Hutchins; Podiobooks.com
Published: August 2006
Themes: / Science Fiction / Suspense / Crime / Cloning / Conspiracy /

The President of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy.

How does that grab you? These are the first two sentences from the prologue of the podiobook 7th Son, and it just gets better from there. Next, we meet our 7 main characters: John, Michael, Jack, Father Thomas, Jonathan, Dr. Mike, and Kilroy 2.0, as each are taken abruptly away from their individual lives and brought to the 7th Son Facility. They quickly learn that their lives – and their memories – are not as individual as one would think. Each man is a clone, and each had been implanted with the same memories from childhood, using Memory Recording/Installation (MR/I) technology. Each clone has their own personality trait (for instance, one is a priest, another is a Marine, and another is a musician), and though they are clones, their physical appearances do differ slightly.

What they come to discover is they were brought together to help catch the person who assassinated the President. The 7th Son facilitators believe that John Alpha, the source in which all the other clones were created, is behind the assassination. Only they don’t know how, or why. That is where the clones come in. Working together, they discover John Alpha’s whereabouts, at the same time learning more and more about their pasts that never were. The clones also discover they share the same mother, who was taken away by John Alpha. The memories of their mother are the same implanted memories, and they all share them, even though the woman, Danya Sheridan, is quite real and was a memory specialist at the facility.

We find out soon enough this is a conspiracy that goes much deeper than assassinating a President. Experimenting with memory technology also has its downfalls, when in Chapter 8 we learn about NEPTH Charge Technology (Neuro Erasure-Pulsed Technology Hardware), a technology that sends such a shockwave through the brain that every one of your memories are erased. Eventually a way to control that misstep is found, but the implications should the technology fall into the wrong hands are evident.

The very next chapter is an example of this, and is by far my favorite chapter in the book. I remember it very clearly because I cringed for the entire process. For onlookers, I must have looked like I was having some sort of seizure. It is that good of a chapter.

Hutchins captures your attention from the very beginning, and with a smooth voice is able to depict each character in such a way you begin to recognize each clone’s voice as their own. His writing is smart, descriptive, and his ideas are original, with plot twists that will keep you guessing right up until a secret is revealed (and there are quite a few). You’re guaranteed to gasp and talk to your computer or mp3 player while listening. J.C. Hutchins gives Stephen King a run for his money. Now that I think about it, someone should let King know about this podcast novel, if he’s not subscribed all ready, that is.

There are two ways to receive this podcast novel. One is through Podiobooks.com, where you will get nothing other than the chapters of the story, as if you’re listening to an audiobook. The other way is subscribing to the podcast feed directly through Hutchins’ website, which is how I listened. Listening to the book this way is a bit different than just listening to it as a straight audiobook. The set up is a weekly show, with an introduction, a recap of the last chapter, the chapter itself, then closing with voicemails and podcast promotions. A lot of listeners to the podcast listen week-by-week, as you would wait for the next episode of a television show. Each chapter is compelling enough, with just enough cliffhanger to keep you checking your podcatcher for the next chapter to be released. Other listeners, such as myself, joined the “Beta Clone Army” (as the fan-based Myspace group is called) later in the book. I listened to nothing else for a week-and-a-half, then had to wait like everyone else when I caught up. It was frustrating, but in a good way.

Also included in the podcast-show version of the novel is a bonus show, filled with Q&A from listeners, plugs for other podcasts, and acknowledgements. I loved listening to this extra show. Hutchins talks about his inspiration for the 7th Son story, as well as giving in-depth analysis of each clone, and how he created the characters. The hard-core fans will find it very informative, and I personally love to hear where writers get their inspirations for stories.

There is a ton of fan-hype surrounding this podcast novel, and it’s easy to be swept up in it. Whether you listen as a “podiobook” or as the podcast show, 7th Son will captivate your imagination and hold it hostage right up to the end. The writing is strong and easily stands alone, which is why it has the fan base it does. Book two begins September 26th, so there is plenty of time to subscribe to this book and catch up.

Podiobook 7th Son, Book One: Descent Approaching Completion


Podcast Novel / PODIOBOOK / 7th SonJ.C. Hutchins‘ podcast novel 7th Son, Book One: Descent completes its final instalment on Tuesday July 25th – be sure to listen for an extra special celebrity guest recap reading by podcast musician/comic genius Jonathan Coulton! Even more thrilling, a special Q&A episode will be released the week after. This ‘bonus feature’ follows in the footsteps of two top-tier podiobooks: The Pocket And The Pendant and Brave Men Run who’s respective authors allowed avid listeners to quiz them about their plots, productions and varied inspirations. Listeners are invited to submit questions to J.C. Hutchins at: [email protected]

Way to go Hutch!