Thank You: AdSense $$ for March and April 2012

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Thank YouGood news!

An agent of a Canadian crown corporation came to my door with a official document this morning!

And it was all thanks to you.

As you can see by the evidence…

Google Adsense cheque for March and April 2012

… all the clicking you did during the months of March and April this year were worth it. And of course the funds will go to a good cause – more SFFaudio.

So thank you very much, and feel free to give yourself a pat on the back for all the patting on the back of us you did.

Posted by Jesse Willis

One thought to “Thank You: AdSense $$ for March and April 2012”

  1. I only just discovered sci-fi audio and this wonderful site in the past month, and i have to say Thank You!
    Having just started listening to X-Minus One I just can’t believe that I’ve never discovered sci-fi radio dramas before.
    Up until now I’ve never really heard of Ray Bradbury (except Fahrenheit 451 the film version which I thought was rubbish). But his old time radio short stories are fantastic.
    So only after just recently discovering and enjoying his work I would like to say GoodBye.
    You will be missed Ray Bradbury. 2012

    BigDom Uk

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