The SFFaudio Podcast #615 – AUDIO DRAMA: Ace Galaksi: Fixing The Timeline


The SFFaudio PodcastThe Destiny Of Special Agent Ace GalaksiThe SFFaudio Podcast #615 – Ace Galaksi is an ongoing audio drama comedy series that weaves its way through the annals of time and the wormholes of space.

There’s great (bad) trouble at the Giant Book of Destiny. The editor isn’t herself – she doesn’t know who she is. With no one running the Destiny ship, will it run aground? Can a building run aground? Can it run in the first place? Too many questions. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee any answers.

This is Series 3, all six episodes in one big show entitled… “Fixing The Timeline

Series 1 SFFaudio Podcast #518The Destiny Of Special Agent Ace Galaksi
Series 2 SFFaudio Podcast #608Space Dick At Large

1. Overabundance Of Octopuses

2. Traffic Jam Destiny Byways

3. Bloodsuckers In Accounting

4. Space Shark

5. Solar Sail Through Orion Nebula

6. Senseless Sucking Machine

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